Earn Money Online With Email Marketing

Many companies of all sizes and types use email marketing as a low cost way to contact customers and potential customers because it is very cheap to do when compared to avenues like traditional direct marketing.

Email marketing is a proven way to promote products, whether they are products you promote through an affiliate program or your own products you develop. Email marketing is a very powerful tool to make more money online.

Your email marketing campaign works by first getting people to join your opt in email subscriber list. You can do this by placing an email capture form on your website and creating a free theme-based newsletter to send to your subscribers.

You can even be extra careful to follow email spam laws by making your list a double opt in list where the subscriber has to confirm their subscription before they can join your your list.

Your newsletter will feature interesting content for your target market. Once you have built up a good sized list, you can start placing some ads for the product or service you are promoting in your emails. You can even build a separate list for announcements for people who want to know about new products, tools and offerings in the industry. They will be more likely to buy from you because they already trust and like you.

Types of Email Marketing:

* Newsletter (Free) - will have a couple of ads, as mentioned above.

* Information Please Mailer. These will help you close more sales. You place either a link or email capture box on your website for visitors to fill out with their email address. They will then get a series of emails with more information about the product with a call to action at the end. This method of email marketing is very effective because it warms up the reader before sending them to the sales page to close the sale.

* Special Broadcasts. these are sent to your whole list and discusses a product or service that will help your visitor in some way. Having loyal subscribers who trust you and want to know what products you recommend is a great way to make money online.

Two Tools For Effective Internet Email Marketing

* An Auto Responder. There are many services for email list management

* Email Signature File

Can Spam Act

It is very important to follow the Can Spam Act when sending your emails. In every email you send out, it is a good practice to include your name, company and physical address at the end. I didnt like doing this either, but you wont have any problems since people can always opt out of your list, and email list building and email marketing is crucial to building your online business. It is also very important to allow your visitors to opt out of your email list should they want to.

Spam Filters

Email marketing list management services save time for hundreds of webmasters. Some services have a built in service that lets you check your email messages against a Spam Filter so you can know what to change so your email will be more likely to reach the visitors inbox, and not get trashed in the spam folder.

Another good thing about email marketing is that it is very easy to set up an autoresponder or free newsletter and the results are easy to track. You can know what links they click on inside the email and how well your messages are working in getting you more sales.

Email marketing management services run on very fast machines so your emails arrive instantly and most people check and read their email everyday. This makes email marketing easy to use to as a great way to supplement your online affiliate marketing efforts.

Since you will need content for your newsletters, try to find affiliate programs which provide you with quality pre-written articles to use to promote their products. Without the need to spend time researching and writing your own content and with an effective email marketing system on your side, you will surely earn more money online and bring in more affiliate commissions.

George Watson is a successful Affiliate marketer and author. Read more articles to learn how to Earn Money Online With Email Marketing at his Money Making On The Internet Blog

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