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With new advances in technology come new opportunities to connect with your customers. In the 21st century nearly everyone has email and many companies have developed successful email marketing campaigns. This can be an important tool but needs to be thoughtfully incorporated into your overall marketing plan.

In order to reach your customers via email, you need to collect their addresses. Every time you interact with your customers you have a chance to get it. Insert a request for email in your telemarketing script. Ask at point of sale. In your direct mail and business reply cards add a line for email address. Take every opportunity to get your customers to voluntarily sign up for your email list. This is the most important list you can have�these are people that want to hear from you!

While traditional marketing is generally a one way communication, email holds the capacity to start a dialog with your customers. Brainstorm ways to start that conversation and solicit feedback. Quizzes and surveys can tease out the motivations and impressions of your customers. Track which members of your list follow your links to promotions in other media. This is crucial information that will shape your traditional marketing methods.

Often, people research a product on line and then purchase it from a brick and mortar store. This grants an excellent opportunity to track the success of marketing exposure in another media. For example, when you track discount codes and links to printable coupons distributed by email you can absolutely measure the success of that campaign. When you know which approaches are successful then they can be repeated. You can also measure success by segment. Did you get better response from different zip codes? This knowledge allows you to concentrate your other ads in the areas with the most potential.

One of the big advantages of email is that it allows an incredible amount of customization. Use this potential to call attention to specific offers based on a consumer�s profile and preferences. Direct people to specific offers in your print catalog or web site. Customization allows you to more sharply focus various pieces of your campaign to different segments of your list. You can also use email to increase brand loyalty by targeting customers throughout the purchase cycle.

If you are going to use email for marketing, it is crucial that you fully incorporate it into your overall marketing campaign. It should have the same look and feel as your other marketing efforts and should play a specific role. If email is handled by another department or just added on, then you run the risk of looking sloppy and confusing your customers. Determine the timing of email messages related to the larger campaign. Should it hit simultaneously with your print and television ads? Perhaps you can use it as a sneak peek for more loyal customers. Maybe it can be a wrap up to a successful campaign. If planned well, the email component of your marketing efforts can become a crucial piece.

When used as one of many available marketing tools, email can significantly augment your campaigns. Use your email list to create more targeted versions of your marketing efforts. Customization helps personalize and focus your message to different market segments. Make sure email is thoughtfully incorporated into your marketing campaign and not just an afterthought and it can be a crucial asset to your efforts.

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