Email Marketing Software is an Important Ingredient For Restaurants

Email marketing software might not make your food taste any better, however it will help pack your tables and your reservation list. In the fiercely competitive food service industry, it is very important that you market your restaurant to guarantee that customers are frequently dining at your establishment. But, for many restaurant owners, they have a hard time competing against the multi-million dollar marketing budgets of the major national franchises. However, a new weapon in the arsenal of restaurant owners has emerged that helps level the battle field. This new tool, which restaurant owners around the globe are starting to take advantage of, is simple and effective.

By harnessing the strength of email marketing, all restaurant owners can effortlessly execute top-notch campaigns with just a few clicks of their mouse. The days of hiring over-priced designers or absorbing costly printing fees for conventional flyer campaigns are finally a thing of the past.

Establishments of all kinds have all started understanding the value of collecting customers' email addresses, allowing them to follow-up with their clientele with the idea of bringing them back into the restaurant. From fast-food to upscale restaurants, asking for your customers email address in the way of a signup sheet by the cash register or comment card on the table is no longer the least bit invasive and is the initial step towards powering your. While your restaurant may not manufacture an extensive contact list overnight, after a few weeks of assertively gathering contact information, you will have enough data to upload into your email marketing software and to start reaping all the benefits.

The majority of email marketing solutions will allow you to easily add your contacts online. In addition, the top tier email marketing software programs will allow you to partition your data into different groups. With this ability, you can now separate your contacts by meal times (for example, lunch vs. dinner) which lets run a specifically targeted email marketing campaign.

Once you have successfully put together your establishments contact list (which is an on-going process) you can commence with your creative and marketing juices and run wild as you prepare to launch an email marketing campaign. A main reason that email marketing is very effective in the food services industry is because it lets the restaurant branch out and communicate with their customers in a face-to-face setting right in their inbox, and away from the mess of other mass medium platforms.

Restaurants can employ all kinds of promotions using simple and effective email marketing software. One of the most popular approaches is to send out an email marketing campaign with a coupon (often referred to as an "ecoupon"). The offer can range from a certain percentage off the customer's meal, a free desert, two-for-one dining, or anything else the restaurant owner believes will entice people to come in for another serving. The two-for-one dining is an effective strategy because the establishment is promoting both repeat business and new business in one swoop. And, of course, the new customer has the chance to sign up to the restaurant's mailing list, so they can now also receive these special email marketing ecoupons.

Email marketing can also be used to announce and promote new menu items, special events, catering options and more. Since the people receiving the restaurant's email have presumably already had a positive experience, the email marketing campaign provides an effective tool to keep the restaurant name on the clientele's map. After all, the more the restaurant can keep its brand in front of the customer, the higher the chance the restaurant is to be the answer to the question: "Honey, where do you want to go for dinner?"

When engaging in email marketing, every restaurant can obtain a competitive advantage without the need to break the bank. And, in this day and age, where every restaurant is competing for the same customer's dollar, any and all forms of an advantage is a solid ingrediant when aiming at leveling the playing field between the big national chains and the smaller independent restaurants.

Robert Burko is President of, the top email marketing software trusted by restaurants around the globe. You can start harnessing the power of email marketing for your restaurant with a no-obligation free trial of our easy-to-use solution.

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