Email Marketing Solutions And The Used Car Dealerships

Email marketing solution scan turn these tough times into a positive economic upturn for your used car dealership. As the economy falters buyers are more inclined toward buying used than new in this type of market, so you need to strike while the iron is hot. By growing your mailing list and sending out promotions you can make transition from paper and print ads to online marketing, saving you thousands and expanding your client base while others' shrink.

Because you've already mastered the art of customer service, email marketing solutions makes it easy to expand the size of your customer and client base. Here is a three step strategy to help you make the easy transition from expensive paper and print ads to using economically priced email marketing solutions.

Step 1: Web Sign up boxes

A well established email marketing solutions provider will have available a free web sign-up box that is easily added to your website. An email marketing solutions web sign-up box will give your subscribers the opportunity to sign-up for your in-house promotions online. This is a great way to build on opt-in list so that you reach out to your client base via email marketing solutions.

Step 2: Newspaper and print ads

Yes, in order to transition successfully one last paper and print ad is necessary. This will help those interested potential customers that are accustomed to this form of contact, take the next forward step toward electronic fliers. This is also how you will develop your opt-in list and gain interested parties for receiving your promotions.

What you will do is place an ad in the local newspaper, or send out a direct mail flier, offering special discounts/promotions only available to people that sign up for your email marketing solutions services online at your web sign up box. This will expand your opt-in list to parties interested in buying a vehicle.

Step 3: Content and Design of Email marketing solutions Campaign

Create a campaign that showcases the various vehicles available at your used car lot. This means uploading images of your vehicles (hopefully high quality photos) with some short points about their features. You can then link the images in the campaign to that particular vehicle on line, so that those individuals that want more information can click and find out more about the car at your website.

The reason this is important to add is because of the tracking features that the better email marketing solutions offer as part of the cost of the service. Email marketing solutions will track which of your subscribers have opened the email, clicked on the links and which ones have forwarded the info onto others. This is important as it can give an insight into what your customer s want, and therefore you can create more targeted campaigns in the future.

The key to offering promotions on-line, and not in-house promotions, is because you want to be able to attract their attention more than one time at a lower cost. With email marketing solutions you can accomplish this task, while also learning what your customers want.

The continuing economic struggle, as odd as it sounds, can be a benefit to your used/pre-owned car company. Because there is less funds available, along with people as reluctant as they are to spend their dollars, those that are in need of a vehicle will be more inclined to purchase a used car as opposed to a new one. All they need is a suggestion on where to look. By offering them promotions, starting with a print ad, and then through an email marketing solutions, you will in fact be gaining more clients at an opportune time; and you will save thousands of dollars by making the transition from paper and print to email marketing. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Robert Burko is a President of Elite Email, the complete email marketing package trusted by used car dealerships around the world. You can deploy comprehensive email marketing solutions for your used car dealership with a no risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!

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