Email Marketing Tip #1

Have you had problems getting any response from your email marketing campaign?

I have had some rather successful email marketing campaigns and I wanted to take a short minute to explain what I believe makes some email marketing campaigns more successful than others.

Email Marketing Tip #1

Use your own list! This sounds like a given, but to many new marketers out there, it is not.

Paid eMail Lists

There are many places where you can buy a email list of thousands if not millions of email addresses and these are not a good place to start. You do not know how these email addresses were collected or if they are even real email addresses. If you start with a list that is not your own, you have no idea if these email addresses are from buyers or sellers, or what they are looking for.

Most likely they will not know your email address and will not respond to an email from a suspicious email address that they do not know and are not familiar with. When you are building your own list, the folks who register for your email marketing list will be able to set your email address as safe email so there spam filter does not block your message and this is something that you cannot control when you are using a paid or borrowed email marketing list.

If you start building your own email list you will know exactly what the people on your list are interested in because you know what they signed up for on your mailing list originally. This knowledge can raise your response rates by almost 20%. So make sure that you are "preaching to the choir" when you write your marketing email message to be sent. If people signed up for information on web site traffic, make sure you put something in the title of your message about this, because you already "know" that they are interested in this.

Safelist Mailer

There are a whole new breed of "traffic exchange" type sites, that call themselves "Safe List" sites. This means that they will let you send to a large list of email addresses that they have collected for free, in exchange you agree to receive the same emails from other members of the site. To me this is nothing less than a bare bones traffic exchange with out the front end like most have. You can get some results from these sites, but you must understand that these are not qualified leads at all, you will only be sending you message to other advertisers and this may not be the best method to getting some real results.

Start For Free

Building your own list is a must and we suggest that everybody start one today, if they don't already have one. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact me and I can help. Don't go out there and spend $20.00/month at getresponse or awebber there are many free solutions for email marketing these days and I suggest you start off with a free service to build your mailing list.

If you have a wordpress blog there is a great plugin to start building your list called "GTA AutoResponder" and I highly suggest using it as a free option to start building your own powerful email marketing list!

To Success,

Nick Simpson

Nick Simpson is a mentor and success coach to many, find him on youtube or visit his site directly for more free internet marketing tips and resources. Webmaster Business Plan

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