How to become Self-Motivated

Step 1: I believe that passion fuels motivation.

To become self-motivated you must develop a 'Can do' attitude. If you are not inspired at work you need to think of something that you can apply, that will get you excited again -it might be a task or a goal. Something that will benefit you and will relight the passion within you. If your home life needs your attention, you might need to make some changes - maybe rearrange your house or start a new hobby with your partner. Passion can be like a flame inside us, sometimes it goes out and we need to re-light it with the goals we make.

Only focus on one goal at a time. Work as a team together. Celebrate as a team when the goal is achieved. Remember, when you work together anything is possible! We sometimes have so many things going on in our lives that we sometimes tend to set aside our goals or try to take on completing more than one goal at time and lose focus.

Step 2: Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself will have a lot to do with your personal happiness and your success. When we do not believe in ourselves, we stop growing and the small things become too much to bear. Our temper can flare up towards others and our personal life can suffer as a result. If are unhappy, we can make others feel unhappy. How we feel about ourselves is what allows us to move forward in life. When our self belief system stops working life can become just a day to day existence. We dream about the perfect life constantly, but we do not believe in our self enough to make our dreams happen, we cannot move forward. If our self belief system is working and we believe in our self and take action then our dreams are possible.

Step: 3 Keep Focused

If you lack enthusiasm and inspiration, what do you do?

* Tell others about your goal. You might get some great ideas from them, or this might start more new ideas of your own. * Write your goal down and post it in places so that you will see it throughout the day and it will bring your thoughts back to your goal. * Research how others have accomplished this goal before you and see if you can generate some new ideas. * Keep your mind focused on the benefits of the achieving your goal.

Apply positive thinking skills - if negative thoughts come into your mind get rid of them and return to your positive mode.

Think of how you will feel when you accomplish your goal. Imagine the positive outcome.

Step 4: Take Action

Start taking consistent action every day. Don't just wish your life was better, take action and make it better. Write down ideas and accomplishments in your journal, Keep track of your actions.

Good luck and enjoy your journey


In the past I have worked as a Health club Manager and as a retail Manager.

I have a passion for inspiring and motivating others to achieve their goals.

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