How To Bring Up Self Motivation Of Students

For many a time, educators and teachers have tried to teach students on the benefits of gaining a reputable education, to learn as much as they could as well as to inspire them on the price of knowledge in this world. While some students don't like the idea of putting their noses into books and they don't find the relevancy of education towards real-life experiences, teachers and educators alike would have to instill such values in them and to motivate their students in their very own ways. The question is: How could the educators and teachers bring out the self-motivation in their students?

One of the most effective methods educators around the world have done is through authentic learning. Lessons that are taught have to be made practical. While most subjects are often theoretical, activities in classroom and out-of-classroom can be conducted among the students to prevent boredom or disinterest. While it is common that students have done experiment during their Science classes, other subjects such as History can be done out of classroom as well by taking these students to the real historical sites.

Apart from that, educators and teachers can also motivate their students intrinsically. Motivation has to start from the students themselves. Self-appreciation and self-recognition are traits that a student should have in order to gain intrinsic motivation. For example, educators and teachers can always praise their students for a job or assignment well done. They can make their own students proud of their very own achievement while in the mean time; encourage them to pursue higher goals or higher achievements. Extrinsic motivation in terms of rewards can also be given to these students, depending on the situations or the circumstances that the educators and the students are involved. An example of extrinsic motivation can be in the form of a small gift.

To conclude, as most subjects often follow a syllabus or a course outline, teachers and educators have to begin to think and act creatively. They can try changing the course outline for the day or add-in some interesting activities to make the class more interesting. They should encourage students to think out of the box to help shape the way the course should be or to improve the lessons day by day to encourage motivation among the students.

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