Internet Marketing Specialists Denver – How to Create a Content Marketing Hub Page on Your Small Business Website

Internet Marketing Specialists Denver

Incorporating robust Content marketing elements on your web site is the #1 strategy for creating a highly contagious website that generates lots of word of mouth (or the cheesier "word of mouse") as well as direct search engine referred visitor traffic. Internet Marketing Specialists Denver

Research indicates that over 90% of small business websites still have not caught on to this superior strategy for lead generation, prospect conversion and branding. In fact, web hosting companies who specialize in selling simple template add-on websites are still doing a brisk business even though search engine marketing is one of the most established fields in business and marketing today.

I have found that many small business owners who end up with the 3 to 5 page static (brochure) website usually did not take the time to educate themselves on the many ways they could add uniqueness (and additional profits) to their businesses by building robust prospect and customer education platforms online.

If you are one of the fortunate few small business owners who signed up with web hosts that support content marketing or who use blogs, you have the chance to build a very strong business marketing platform through the use of the hub page content strategy on your website.

What is a Hub Page?

It is a central page that hosts (or links out to) many other pages in such a way that it acts as a comprehensive repository for most of the information a web visitor might want to know about a given topic. It is the website version of a book or at least a chapter of a book because you can read the main text and then link to many other pages that explain sub-sections of the desired topic.

Planning a Hub Page

Because of the potentially high value of these pages, they require a lot of thought. Some factors to consider include the exact keywords and keyword phrases to use, the levels of demand for that information, the number of competing hub pages with a similar theme (or target keyword) and how to present the content. The aim should be to present content in a very user-friendly, page-by-page breakdown where each page generates well targeted-traffic, and also feeds traffic to the hub page.

You may also consider whether to incorporate a list-building mechanism (like an email opt-in form) onto your hub page, or whether to passively monetize that page through methods like AdSense ads and other textual link advertising. Internet Marketing Specialists Denver

An example Hub page - Small Business Marketing Software

Consider for instance, a content marketing hub page designed to attract major search engine traffic for the term, "Small Business Marketing Software". First of all, one of the power strategies for selecting the keyword focus of your hub page is to have it be a compound term - that is, a theme that can be broken up logically into many other valuable sub-sections or themes. Such sub-sections (technically web pages linked to from the hub page) for this example could have headings like:

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I recommend planning your sub-sections so that you can either weave them seamlessly into the text of your main hub page content, or introduce them in their own section at the bottom of your hub page content. Doing it this way also ensures that you deliver a great value in the coverage of your material.

Which Comes First - Hub page or Sub-pages?

I generally like to have the sub pages written first and uploaded as active web pages so that they can start to contribute to the traffic of the site while the rest of the pages are written. That way, when the main hub-page is complete it can be uploaded as a finished package. This may depend on your personality as well... I generally try to avoid the hassle (mostly imagined) involved with editing, re-aligning and updating a web page.

By deploying hub pages as the center piece of a robust content marketing strategy on your website, you gain immense leverage from the expertise you already have in your business and the effort you put into creating your website. Internet Marketing Specialists Denver

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