Mitigating the Burden of Pre-Employment Drug Testing on Human Resources Personnel

With employment training costs on the rise, it is more important than ever for employers to carefully screen prospective employees to avoid wasting resources on candidates who will not ultimately succeed in passing a drug test. Employers also need fast turnaround and accurate reporting of drug testing results to avoid wasting time waiting for results and wasting money on errors. Employers need reliable, accurate information from quality vendors communicated quickly to keep the process moving.

Unfortunately, ordering and tracking pre-employment drug tests for candidates can be both confusing and time-consuming, often requiring Human Resources personnel to track the status and results of multiple screenings for each candidate across multiple vendors. Even if the vendors have websites that enable employers to check the status and results of drug tests online, learning each vendor's system and tracking login information is difficult enough without having to track which screenings from which vendors have been ordered for which candidates and when results might be available.

But the burden of ordering and tracking drug testing, while necessary, doesn't have to cost employers more by requiring excessive time and effort by Human Resources personnel in addition to the cost of the tests themselves. Thanks to advances in technology, smart employers can now find the variety of tests they want administered by a quality vendor they trust with the fast results notification they need. makes the whole process simple, providing an always-available, simple-to-use solution that makes ordering and tracking drug screening and other pre-employment background checks for multiple candidates fast and easy.'s 24/7 Client Portal gives employers the ability to order and track a wide variety of tests, conducted at one of over 12,000 collection sites nationwide, and to receive expedited reporting of results via email or from the Client Portal dashboard.

In addition to the ability to manage drug screenings for multiple candidates in one always-available place, offers a suite of other easy-to-manage pre-employment background checks. For more information on our drug screening services, please visit, and to learn more about our other background screening services, go to than a Background Screening Company
Empowering and Protecting You, Your Company, Your Applicants, and Your Employees

Founded in 1994, was built as a pure play background screening company designed to automate the highly manual and slow process of pre-employment background screening. Since 1994, we have canvassed the industry to understand the business challenges and provide solutions and services that help our clients improve the screening process, handle increased volume and reduce costs. The Family of Companies is a background screening company committed to providing excellence and innovation in employer services. We are recognized nationwide as a premier background screening company and HR service provider to Fortune 1000 companies, and we continue to set the industry standard for turn around time, proactive customer service and innovative technology.

Pre-employ .com was one of the first companies in our industry to design and implement a web-based customer portal enabling 24/7 access to online order placement and reporting. Over the years, our Custweb application has grown into a robust customer-centric portal offering applicant tracking and talent management systems, drug and assessment screening, applicant data entry, background check report grading, executive summary reporting, and many other integrated solutions.

As a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), is an industry leading background screening company. has an impeccable record of regulatory compliance, and it proactively encourages clients and partners to seek legal counsel as new considerations surface. Our commitment is to use our full understanding of current compliance requirements and our constant attention to emerging compliance issues to ensure your organization and all members have the information and guidance needed to maintain strict compliance with regulation bodies in all states.

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