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It is really amazing how many new Internet money making schemes are hatched each month. It is often difficult to tell the scams from the legitimate online marketing success stories. The Infinity 800 system, however, is one such success story. In this article, we will cover the highlights of the Infinity 800 system and show how partnering with Billie McClain can get you off the ground and making income almost immediately, regardless of your prior Internet experience.

The evening news is full these days of stories of the first wave of baby boomers who decided it was time to retire. They went ahead and retired only to find that once they did, they couldn't afford to live the lifestyle they wanted. Many retirees had to go back to work. The Infinity 800 system is an alternative means of building online marketing success, while you work from home and have time to visit with your family and afford the lifestyle you desire. The Infinity 800 system definitely beats bagging groceries or greeting people at the local super discount store.

The key to the Infinity 800 system and the online marketing success that business owners achieve is the simplicity of the program. It is low cost and easy to implement. The overall, one-time investment is minimal, and you get a complete marketing kit sent to you each time that you and your team enroll in a "cycle." A cycle is simply recruiting two people, who in turn recruit two people. The team at Infinity 800 calls it "get 2 to get 2." Once the 4 people fill up your matrix by paying the upfront investment, a "cycle" is completed, and the Infinity 800 business owner gets paid. There are no time limits to how long or how quickly you can cycle. The Infinity 800 website contains testimonials from individuals that have "cycled" in less than 2 days after their initial sign up.

The second component to the Infinity 800 system that makes it such an online marketing success is the automated re-enrollment for the business owner and the automated follow-me from the 2 x 2 matrix. Since the people the business owner recruited for his/her matrix, also need to get 2 to get 2, they will also cycle. As soon as they complete their cycle, they automatically follow the original owner's new matrix and that matrix gets automatically filled. The auto re-enrollment and automatic follow make the Infinity 800 system easy to use and achieve online marketing success with minimal setup time and effort. Simple online marketing success comes each time you are able to cycle. A check comes to your house each week. If you cycle multiple times, the payout for that week is larger.

A system this simple cannot help but promote your online marketing success regardless of your level of Internet marketing experience. Take it from Billie McClain. Billie was already retired and had little to no internet marketing experience. She has since built an entire business around the Infinity 800 system. She has found the online marketing success that many seek. You can find out more about Billie and the Infinity 800 system at

For all the reasons above, we consider the Infinity 800 system the fastest way to achieve online marketing success. If you join the Infinity 800 system, you will find online marketing success by following the specific steps in the marketing course that ships with each new cycle entered. Visit Billie McClain's web site at: for more information on this new business opportunity in the Infinity 800 system.

Billie McClain is from Houston Texas. She is currently retired and operates her own Infinity 800 business from her home in between visits to and from her family. For more information visit her website at or email Billie at

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