Self-Motivation-The Key To Success

Self-Motivation-The Key To Success

Self-Motivation Plays A Very Important Role In Today's Competitive World.If One Is Properly Motivated In An Organisation His Works Will Be Qualitative And He Will Be In A Position To Motivate Others By Setting Examples.Self-Motivation Works More At The Individual's Psychic Level.So The Individual ,It Is Advised Should Know Many Techniques By Which He Can Motivate Himself For A Particular Job And Subsequently Motivate Others.Self-Motivation Is The Art Of Thinking All Positive Things Towards Self And Utilise All The God Given Inner Potential To A Fuller Extent,So As To Achive Maximum Of Organisational Goals And Objectives And There By Setting Examples For Others And Lastly Motivating Them To Achive The Same.

Internal Challenges-Before Achiving Any Success Man Is Confronted With Number Of Internal Challenges.In Any Line Of Work ,When A Man Climbs A Success Ladder He Faces Lot Of Hurdles.Other Peoples' Negetive Comments Sometimes Upset Him.He Finds Himself In A State Of Stupor Not Knowing What To Do Next.He Should Develop A Stroung Psyche To Overcome All The Challenges And Climb On The Success Ladder Step By Step.The Negetive Self-Concept Is One Of The Most Important Challenges.These Are Detrimental For One's Peace And Progress.One Should Develop A Positive Attitude Towards Himself First.All Powers Are Within,He Can Do Anything And Everything.He Should Remember It Always,So That He Will Overcome All The Negetive Concepts And Enjoy A Confident Life.

Self-Confidence-Confidence In Self Is Very Vital In Self-Motivation.One Should Have A Tremendous Amount Of Faith In Oneself.He Should Not At Any Moment Think That He Is Week.Vedanta Recogniges No Sin,Vedanta Recognises Only Error And It Is The Greatest Sin Vedanta Declares Is To Say That We Are Weak,We Can Not Do This Thing Or That Thing,We Are Misnomers Or Miserable Creatures.All Powers Are Within,All Knowledges Are Within,Onlything Is That We Are Not Practising It.The Knowledge,That Is Not Practiced Is Just Like Food That Is Not Digested.So From Our Birth Whatever Good Things We Have Learnt From Our Parents,Teachers,Friends And Collegues We Should Put Them In To Practice,By Which We Can Improve A Greater Power Of Self-Confidence And Our Motivation For Any Work Will Be Easier.

Good And Harmonious Relationship-One Should Mantain Good And Harmonious Relationship With All.By His Thoughts ,Words And Deeds He Should Develop A Loving Attitude Towards All.Good Relationships Help Him To Increase His Inner Potential And Overcome Obessive Thinking,Which Are Detrimental Towards Mental Peace.Too Much Sentiments Hurt Work.One Should Be Soft Like Flower And Hard Like Steel To Have A Sound Human Relations.One Should Have Good Emotions.Positive Emotions Are Very Conducive To Have A Good And Harmonious Relationship.Positive Traits And Attributes Help A Man To Mantain A Longlasting Humanrelationship,Which Helps The Person To Retain Or Sell His Products To A Particular Group Of People For A Longer Period Of Time.

Thought Management-One Should Learn The Art Of Thought Management.From The Rising From Bed Till We Return To The Same At Night We Come Across Various Thoughts In Various Forms.All The Thoughts Are Not Helpful For Reaching Our Goal.For This We Should Know The Art Of Thought Management.We Should Reduce The Quantity Of Thoughts,Improve Their Quality And Give Them A Proper Direction.Thoughts Are Like A Flow Of Water In A River.Intellect Is Like Banks.So We Should Have A Stroung Intellect To Give Proper Direction To Our Thoughts.We Should Direct Our Thoughts Towards Our Goal And Definitely We Will Reach The Goal By Improving Their Quality And Reducing Their Quantity.

Time Management-Time Is A Product Of Mind.So Having A Thorough Control Over Our Mind We Can Manage Our Time.We Should Be Mentally Alert All The Time.With A Sound Mind We Can Manage Our Time And Utilise It In A Most Effective Manner.Mental Sublimation Is What Is Required By Us.Mental Supression Gives Rise To Cynicism,But Mental Sublimation Improves And Sharpens Our Intelligence And We Divise Our Method To Use Our Time In An Effective Manner.

Self-Knowledge-By A Thorough Self-Knowledge One Can Overcome A Greater Deal Of Emotional Reactions Within Himself And Thereby Remove Tired Feelings.The Self-Knowledge Helps The Man To Know His True Self,Which Is Infinite-Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute And Equivalent To Supreme Self.This One Can Do By Reading Bible,Bhagavat Geeta,Koran And Other Texts.Self-Knowledge Reveals One's Inner Potential And Taps His Dormsnt Energies To Overcome Inertia In The Path Of Reaching A Goal And Achive Success.

Dimensions Of Life-There Are Five Dimensions Of Life.They Are-Physiological Dimension,Psychological Dimension,Emotional Dimension,Social Dimension And Spiritual Dimension.One Should Have A Thorough Knowledge Of All The Dimensions Of Life By Reading Self-Improvement Books And All The Dimensions Should Be Coordinated Properly,By Which One Can Be Strong In Every Situation And Be A Good Leader.He Not Only Can Have The Power To Motivate Himself,But Have A Great Deal Of Influence Over Others And Guide Them To Achive Their Goals And Objectives.

Positive Attitude-One Should Have A Positive Attitude Not Only Towards Self,But Towards Others Also,Other Wise It Is Very Difficult To Work In A Harmonious Manner.One Should Resolve All The Inner Conflicts About Self And Others By Thinking On A Pure Heart Of A Saint Or Totally Surrendering Himself To God.He Should Know That God's Mind Is Working Through All And What We Are Thinking And Doing Is Perfectly Planned And Tuned By God.Each Mind Is A Part And Partol Of That Universal Mind.We Are Carrying Out The Work Of God According To His Will And Definitely Reach Our Goal.Positive Attitude Books Help A Man To Burn All The Negetivities In Him And Develop A Constructive Attitude Towards Life And Organisation And Have Greater Degree Of Motivation For Any Work And Responsibility.

From The Above We Can Understand How Important Self-Motivation For Any Line Of Work.Knowing It's Importance We Should Try To Develop The Power Of Self-Motivation By Accuiring All The Qualities As Discussed And Always Fight With Our Mind And Intellect Not To Allow Any Negetivity In It,Rather Fill It With Positivity,Peace,Light And Abudance.







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