Shunde Enterprises To Build A Large Lecture Hall Winner “whampoa Military Academy”

core tips Present, Shunde has been very mature talent introduction, there are eight platforms, but the main business of the qualified personnel or training completed by the enterprises themselves, there was not a very good public platform, although corporate culture according to their characteristics, But the costs are higher. In 2007, the Shunde Science and Technology Bureau under the guidance of high-tech enterprises by the Association launched the "winner Lecture Hall" common platform for enterprise personnel training mode to try to obtain initial results, the next step will gradually improve, upgrade, big "winner Lecture Hall, "Shunde enterprises build public platform for personnel training.

People are "innovative" the driving force

Shunde in promoting independent innovation in the face of "how to make innovation quickly get amplified?", "Scientific research achievements into productive forces, how quickly?" And a series of practical problems in independent innovation, talent for independent innovation, industrial economic development provides a powerful intellectual support.

"Source of innovation is talent, talent competition, the competition is innovation, talent introduction and by airborne is not a long, and ultimately to train. 'Winner Lecture Theatre' last attempt to get good results" , Shunde High-tech Enterprise Institute told the Secretary-General Liu Xuefei, "winner Lecture Hall," By integrating business training needs and reduce business costs, a collection of intellectual resources of many names of teachers, from a strategic enterprise management structures for the enterprise a learn the advanced experience of business management theory and practice of the learning platform. "This is a good talent for creating the environment, the establishment of Shunde scientific and reasonable mechanism for the modern enterprise training a new attempt." Liu Xuefei said.

Strategic training to enhance intellectual capital

It is understood that the training of Shunde enterprises are generally outside the high-level training, in the lower-level employees are generally self-training, independent training company's own resources are limited because the existence of high input costs, the effectiveness of low, unable to carry out sustained long-term training, training is one way tradition, the effect can not be objective assessment evaluation inadequate personnel training Shunde enterprises need a common platform.

2007, at the Shunde Science and Technology Bureau under the guidance of high-tech enterprise by the Shunde Association launched the "winner Lecture Hall" series of management strategies, training, training, aimed at senior management of the enterprise, including enterprise management, strategic management, human resources , marketing planning four modules, corporate production, supply, marketing, human, financial, and material, information and other seven key elements. Strategic PR expert Luo Zhenyu, strategic management expert Zhang Jianqi, Taiwan personality education experts Liao smoke Chu, human resources experts Peng Yu Bing, Shi Zhanpai business management experts Lize Yao, domestic human resource management practices to send leaders Hu on August 1, Zhao Weimin, history Jie Feng eight well-known training masters and local experts, as devoted eight games Shunde enterprises "thinking feast."

Learned that the "winner Lecture Hall" was warmly welcomed by the business, every class has attracted more than 300 high-tech enterprises in Shunde high level managers, training companies total up to more than 200, nearly more than 3000 people. Currently, Chen De, Henderson, Shun Wei, L'Oreal and many other companies also will be "winners Lecture Hall" as a company their annual training plan. Guangdong Electric Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Herbalife XIE Yong-jun have participated in almost every field of training, he said: "The curriculum is very characteristic, with management, human resources, marketing, etc., are suitable for business needs, but also teach local business people close to Shunde business practice. "Shunde High-tech Enterprises Association, said the Secretary-General Liu Xuefei," winners Lecture Hall "will not only enhance the intellectual capital, and cultivate a strong learning atmosphere Shunde enterprises.

Large open class will be 14 games released this year

Learned that this year's "winners Lecture Hall" will be at a high level, high quality and effectiveness of the "three high-feature" to continue efforts, have been identified to invite well-known economist Lang, capital operation and expert Wang Mingfu , Master Liu Yanbin financial planning, management training masters Yu Shiwei four classes, in addition to two local entrepreneurs, Shunde.

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