Top 3 Ways MySpace Bands and Artists Use Email Marketing Programs

MySpace has become the platform for all sectors of the entertainment industry to reach out and promote their talents. Many artists are now searching for new ways to contact their fans. One of the dominating tactics employed by the entertainment industry for both those starting out on MySpace and well established users is the use of email marketing programs.

Conventional paper flyers have been the preferred method for 'spreading the word' in years past, but many things have changed. Email marketing now gives the entertainment industry that uses MySpace access to create, send, and track professional modern digital flyers and newsletters. Since most email marketing programs are very user-friendly and integrate seamlessly into your MySpace profile, there are very little road-blocks or hurdles holding any artist back.

The key element of making an email marketing program work for your industry needs is to build a quality mailing list. This process starts with the caliber of your contacts. If you compile a solid mailing list of fans, friends, and family members, then diving into email marketing will generate outstanding results. The majority of all email marketing programs will assist you to grow your mailing list by providing you a signup box that you can place right on your MySpace profile. The sooner you add this option to your MySpace profile page, the quicker people can become both your MySpace friend and a subscriber on your mailing list .

These are the top 3 ways MySpace artists benefit from email marketing programs:

1. Announce New material
As soon as any artist releases new material, the objective is to get it out to the masses. Many artists setup their email marketing program to send an email to all of their subscribers as soon as their new material is released. Since this email marketing campaign is not read through MySpace, it is much easier for your fans to click on a link in your email campaign and immediately be sent to view your new material right on your MySpace profile. Some artist choose to use email marketing to announce each and every new release they put out, while others wait until they have put out multiple new releases before blasting out the email.

2. Promote Shows and or Concert Dates
Whether you are broadcasting a new international tour or just a gig at the local bar, a majority of artists agree that using email marketing really helps pack a crowd. Since your loyal followers are previously interested in seeing your shows, the objective is really to make sure they are aware of where and when the next time you are in action. Many artist use email marketing to promote a show that is scheduled for a few weeks away, solely to build a bit of a buzz and also awareness of this upcoming event. Then, as the show date creeps up, they will take advantage of their email marketing program to blast out reminder messages, this way everyone knows the time is approaching and to mark it on their calendar, purchase tickets, and everything else they need to get in order to get to the show!

3. Keep Your Fans In The know
Most loyal fans are actively interested in your work, and any of your upcoming events. From the big news to the small rumblings, inviting your fans to become an intimate part of your legacy and to get any insider information helps form a remarkable bond. Many artists on MySpace refresh their profile on a regular basis, therefore their audience can continuously see fresh updated content. When using an email marketing program, you can guarantee that these updates reach your fans right in their inbox. Many artist use email marketing to send out a monthly (or even bi-weekly) newsletter, this keeps fans up to date on all the latest happenings. A handful of artist have even included a "Question From The Fans" section in their newsletter, where they publish a question that was inquired about through the previous issue. This type of email marketing, which is stuffed with unique quality content and involves your fans in a two-way conversation, is a superb way to build that special bond.

With intense competition to get noticed, turning to email marketing can provide your MySpace profile an advantage and give you that extra edge.

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