What is the Difference Between Internet Marketing and Blogging:

Sometimes I need to refresh myself on the difference between blogging and internet marketing. When you write an article for a blog about internet marketing, is it still considered blogging?
I think most people consider blogging to be a form of expression that is directly related to their personal life. Wikipedia defines internet marketing or online marketing, for more details visit to www.sell-using-the-web.com as the marketing of products or services over the World Wide Web.
For the most part, the distinction between a blogger and an internet marketer is a bit fuzzy. The most obvious realization is that the average blogger probably doesn't make that much money online whereas the business savvy internet marketing might make a fortune selling advertising and affiliate products.
Generally bloggers write about their experiences, their opinions, current events, and things that interest them. Internet marketers tend to focus on subjects like search engine optimization, affiliate reviews, and marketing techniques. They are focused on making money plain and simple.
The typical internet marketer spends half their time in the field writing and the other half researching, optimizing and obtaining inbound links. Bloggers generally spend half their time writing and the other half of their time trying to get their peers to read their blogs.
To make a long story short just because you have a blog doesn't necessarily mean you are marketing it correctly. If you are serious about your blog either way you will most likely need to acquire internet traffic to leverage your blog. Regardless of whether or not you want to earn money online with your blog, learning the basic principals of internet marketing will most likely prove to be very useful in the acquisition of internet traffic.

There are many things that are important to being a successful Internet marketer. But three things in particular, in my honest opinion, are critical to success. In fact, you really could say that these three things pretty much cover the essence of Internet marketing. I'm talking about training, product and promotion. In this article, for more details visit to www.mrx-interview.com I'm going to explain why these three things are so important.
Let's start with training. How many people in this world do you know who are successful at something who don't know what they're doing? I certainly wasn't one of them. When I first started as an Internet marketer, over six years ago, I was so clueless that I made all of $28 in my first five months. Why? Simple...I didn't have the training I needed. Once I started to get that training, I began to make a steady income online.
Now, you can pay for that training or you can go about getting it in bits and pieces by going the free route such as by digging through forums and the like. The downside to the free route is that it can be very time consuming. By paying for training, you can cut months off the learning curve. Of course the downside is that it's not free. If you're tight on funds, the free route may be your only option.
What about product? Well, you have to have something to sell to people. Nobody is going to send you money because of your good looks. Now, you can create your own product, which is going to give you the most control and the most income, or you can sell an existing product as an affiliate. The downside of the latter is that you are competing with many other people. However, there is almost no cost involved and the process is a lot quicker than having to create something from scratch. Either way, you have to have something to sell or you're not going to have a successful business. And...it has to be something that people actually want. Not need, want. Big difference.
Finally, we have promotion. I've said this a thousand times and I'm sure I'll say it a thousands times more. I don't care how great a product or site you have. If nobody sees it, you're not going to make any sales. You have to promote. Again, you can go the free route, of which there are some excellent options like article marketing, or you can pay for traffic, such as you would do by using pay per click advertising. But whatever you do, you have to promote. The traffic won't just come to you.
If you concentrate on these three things, you'll find that your marketing efforts are more focused and your results will be a whole lot better.

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