Your Email Marketing Program Setup

Now the first thing I suggest is that you separate the opt in list members that bought your initial offer from those that didn't. Your email marketing strategy for these customers is basically the same as you non-purchasing opt in email list members but the initial email marketing program itself should be different.

You customers have already shown they will buy from you. Now that you know this your next offer or offers to them should be residual income offers like membership programs. You will also offer higher end products to this email marketing list as well. You can use the same newsletter offering as with the other email marketing list members but your promotions will be different.

For all your email marketing list members you will follow the initial thank you email with an informational email using only your resource box to do light promoting. This email should go out on day one after the subscriber joined your email marketing list. From this point there are a lot of differing opinions on how often and what content to send your email marketing list members.

Your Email Marketing Strategy.

My suggestion is to have a newsletter that is mainly geared toward giving valuable information go out once a week. In between the newsletter you can send information type promotions that are soft sell for 3 or 4 days with a hard sell on the same promotion on the fifth day. Let them have the sixth day off, they get the newsletter on the seventh day and you start the soft to hard sell again on another product.

Once your subscriber buys from you then move them to your customer list. Your email marketing strategy for this list should be to soft sale most of the time sending out an email 3 or more times each week between the newsletter. On this list you will have several membership programs and several higher end programs that you will send out tidbits of information on keeping your customers up to date on the benefits of each program.

When one of your customers buys a membership or higher end product you will again move them to a new email marketing list where you will repeat the same type of email marketing program over.

And the dance goes on.

If you struggle for fresh content to send to your email marketing list there are several ways to get around the problem.

1 - Find great articles on the article sites and use them for content (always keep the resource box intact).
2 - Find good PLR content and use it as is or jazz it up a little.
3 - Hire a ghostwriter, just make sure it is a good ghostwriter.

About once every three months send out a free gift to your email marketing list. Wait a couple of days and send an email requesting input on the free gift you sent out. Use this input to create new products your list wants.

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