3 Email Marketing Myths That Will Help You in Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an old way to advertise your product but all Internet marketers who have tried it should admit how powerful email marketing in persuading people to whip off their credit card. Before start doing your homework in building email marketing list, there are some myths and misconception that should be cleared.Here are some of them.

1.Not a lot of people use email

The most important reason why email marketing is one of the best marketing tools is because almost everyone have email and check their email regularly. Email works like a nest for a bird. People who do not have email is like a bird without a nest, because there is no way to address them.

2.Email marketing campaign is impolite

People often judge email marketing as spamming and intruding someone’s privacy. From the recipient perspective I have to admit sometimes email marketing is really make lots of people upset, I think the sender just bulking up my email with bunch of junks. But I finally realized that email marketing is different from spamming. Email marketing is permission-based, the message is send to people who agree to received while spamming is have no permission.

3.Sending email to all the people is stupid thing

The best way to solve this problem is by analyzing your list before sending your email. There is a tools called customer segmentation that can help you to send your mails to certain group of people. You have to interact with your list, it should be two way communication, you have to get some feedback and adapt to it.

To conclude it, you should make this point really clear in your mind before start your email marketing campaign. Start building your list and prepare your goal and marketing strategy.

I wish YOU good luck,

Rudy Yonatan

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