3 of the Most Common Questions About Email Marketing

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One form of Internet marketing that has kind of gotten a black eye in the past is e-mail marketing. Many Internet marketers do not even bother trying to run an email marketing campaign today and that is a mistake.

Here are three of the most common questions about email marketing and we will explain the answers in a way that will help you want to get started using this profitable form of marketing your business online.

1. What is email marketing and why should I do it? Very simply put email marketing is a way to promote your business on the Internet through someone's email address. There are many ways to market on the Internet and email marketing has been around since the very beginning.The primary reason that you should do it is because it works when done correctly. Like anything on the Internet you will need to learn the proper methods of doing email marketing.

2. What is the best way to do email marketing? Building your own opt in list is the best way to do email marketing. An opt in list means that your subscriber has given you permission to send email to them. This takes away all spam complaints and helps you build a quality list.You can build your own list by adding a sign up form to your web pages or by creating a landing page with a sign up form on it. You will also need an autoresponder to store the names and email addresses of your subscribers.

3. How expensive is it to build an email list? Building an email list is not expensive to do at all. If you want to speed the process up you can purchase co-registration leads from lead companies and let them build your list for you. Otherwise you can promote landing pages and drive traffic to your list that way. You can also add a sign-up form to all of your webpages and blog posts to build a list as well.We also want to mention that a list is an asset that no one can take away from you. As your list grows so will your income. It is not uncommon for people to earn a dollar per subscriber every month from their email marketing list. Therefore you can see that a large list can be worth several thousand dollars to you a monthly basis. This right here is a very good reason to do email marketing as part of any Internet marketing program.

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