5 Tips to Local Business Online Marketing

Given that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, even small local business online marketing ventures need to step up to the plate and improve their Internet visibility in order to broaden their reach, even if it means doing so, one person at a time. So, how does one go about this local business online marketing?

Here are 5 tips to answer that question:

1. Be where everyone is. Find out the latest social networking craze because it is one of the best places to market your business. Take Facebook for example. That is where people from all walks of life are. Best of all, Facebook features Pay Per Click advertising, fan pages and other applications where you can promote your business, so be sure to add it to your marketing strategy.

2. Join other social networking sites. Aside from Facebook, there's good old Friendster, MySpace, and LinkedIn. Each of these sites has the ability to propel you to be in the midst of potential customers worldwide. Use them to do local business online marketing for your company or to broadcast specials and promos.

3. Tweet your way to your customers' hearts. Twitter allows you to focus your marketing communications on your customers. It also allows you to fine-tune and focus your marketing message on your core audience.

4: Blog, Blog, Blog. Along with the messages you release to your network through Twitter, Facebook, Friendster and MySpace, you can also reach out to your target audience through blogs. Blogs provide a convenient way of sharing your company's vision and mission statements or just about any development about your business. Some companies even use their blogs to promote their products or services.

5: Websites that herd customers in. These days, almost every business – big or small – has an official website. A website is particularly useful in promoting a company and its products as well as issuing updates without having to publish thousands of pamphlets or newsletters the traditional way. Instead of getting everything printed or published on paper, you simply have to publish the info on the website and update it from time to time.

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