Are These Self-Limiting Beliefs Preventing You From Starting A Small Business?

Here are three common disabling beliefs which prevent people from starting small businesses because of the fear of failure.

Many think they are not well enough educated, come from a poor background which holds them back, or think they need loads of money to get started in a new small business venture.

Let me show you why I think these are not true.

Lack Of Education

Many believe you need a good education to make a lot of money or to start up successful small businesses.

Far from being held back by poor education, it may actually be an advantage. Just as blind people often have much better hearing, people who have less education often compensate in other ways.

They may communicate more effectively to a wider population, they often exhibit greater dexterity and ability working with a wide range of materials and have great ability to judge risk and reward.

A good education can even be shown to be a disadvantage to entrepreneurship.

It is normal for well-educated people to find it easy to get a job. This means they are making money for someone else, in exchange for a smaller proportion of money back. (If employers didn't make more money from their workers than they paid them, then they couldn't continue to employ them.)

Having had a good job for a while, to give it up on a small business enterprise usually means risking losing that job, and the money that comes in with it, which may be needed to start the new venture. This brings us to another myth-

Lack Of Capital

Many believe you can't start a new moneymaking venture without a lot of money to get started. I don't believe this!

The old saying "If you ain't got nothing you ain't got nothing to lose" really is true.

If you have a lot to lose by risking a new small business venture, you may be so cautious of failure that you fail to succeed.

So many seriously rich people started from flat broke or in many cases from serious debt, you have to conclude that a lot of capital is not necessary.

J. K Rowling is one of the richest individuals in the UK. While she was writing her first novel she had barely the price of a good meal to sustain her. She even had to type the book out twice (with a second hand typewriter!) to send a copy to the publishers because she couldn't afford to have a photocopy done.

Living In A Poor Environment

Many believe you need to come from a rich background to become rich. Baloney!

People have worked their way up from living in tin shacks to owning hotel chains. It is just as easy to sell goods to people in the ghetto as it is in the richest street in town.

Indeed it is often much more profitable to sell cheaper goods than more expensive goods.

Here's a few examples-

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