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The next pillar we must examine in biblical entrepreneur is purpose. Biblical entrepreneurs must know who they are and why they are creating their organization. The creation of your enterprise is the by product of the purpose and destiny God the Father placed inside of you.

Purpose is the reason and why something or someone is created. Fulfillment of your God given purpose must be the main focus of your life. Discovering the reason for your birth will unlock the door to manifesting your potential. Let us use a light bulb as an example. The purpose of a light bulb is to illuminate an area. The light bulb has the capability to be used many ways to produce a result but in the mind of the creator if the light bulb is used in any other way then it’s original purpose it is being abused. It is only being used properly when it is manifesting it’s reason for being created which is illumination.

Once you find the reason for your birth you will find a direction for your life that will please your Creator, God. The question that is frequently asked is, “How do I discover my purpose?”. To answer that question we must first deal with salvation. Without accepting Jesus Christ as your savior you can never know your purpose. The only way to get to the Father, The Purpose Giver, is to go through Jesus. Jesus declared in the Gospel of John chapter fourteen verse six, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Based off of Jesus’ declaration the only way to reach The Purpose Giver is to believe the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. After getting into the proper relationship with your Creator you have prerequisite to discovering your purpose.

God exposes your purpose through prayer, bible study, dreams, visions, hunches, inclinations, desires, urgings and yearnings towards particulars areas. What most individuals fail to understand is that purpose is not a single objective or outcome. It is a multifaceted calling upon a multifaceted creation. Every person has multiple areas where they must fulfill a role. Within each area of your life your purpose for being apart of that situation must be discovered. To bring balance to our emotions and imaginations we must weigh them in light of biblical teaching and a Christian lifestyle.

This moves our conversation to finding out if your emotions and imagination are pulling you towards entrepreneurship. Ask your self a series of questions:

“Do I have a desire to be an entrepreneur?”

“Have I received a vision of my possibilities within the marketplace?”

“Do I have yearnings and desires to minister and serve a particular segment of consumers?”

If you have answered yes to these questions you are on the road to becoming a biblical entrepreneur. Now you must talk to the Father so He can lead and guide you to the correct industry.

Earlier in this article it was mentioned that your purpose is a multifaceted calling. Apart of that calling, if God has placed a godly ambition within your to become a biblical entrepreneur, is to establish you within an industry where you can play the role of an enterprise builder. There are many biblical entrepreneurs within scripture. To name a few there is the Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul, Lydia, Job and Jesus.

The Apostle Peter was a commercial fisherman. He was in partnership with his brother Andrew building a fishing business (Matthew 4:18). The Apostle Paul was a Sole Proprietor. He had a tent making business (Acts 18:3). Lydia the first convert to Christianity in Europe was a self employed merchant selling purple (Acts 16:13). Job was a very industrious farmer. The livestock Job had in his enterprise would have allowed him to launch many business ventures. Job had 7000 sheep which could have started a wool clothing company. He also had 3000 camels which could have made a great freight hauling business. His 500 oxen would be a great foundation to start a tracker leasing enterprise to smaller farmers. Lastly Job’s 500 donkeys had the potential to place him into the dairy industry (Job 1:3).

The epitome of Biblical entrepreneurship is the savior of humanity, Jesus the Christ. Jesus used his entrepreneurial passion in the social area of life. Today we call this area the not-for-profit industries. Jesus employed his purpose to transform humanity. His reason for being alive also metamorphosed time changing it from B.C. to A.D. Jesus was a change catalyst within in the life transformation industry. Christian entrepreneurs must use biblical entrepreneurship in both sectors of business, for-profit and not-for-profit. Stephen Owens is a man on a mission to impact and empower the lives of striving entrepreneurs and those within the role of leadership. Stephen’s primary goal is to help transform the lives of business leaders around the world and their organizations. Stephen understands the trials and tribulations of starting and operating an enterprise. He is compelled to aid individuals to be effective in the market place.

Stephen was the founder and president of Alpha Lending & Investments, LLC. This Cleveland, Ohio based company focused on securing financing for commercial real estates investors and business expansion. Stephen’s experience is working with entrepreneurs and organizational leaders, has helped him gain an understanding of the obstacles and frustrations that many of them encounter.

In 2006, Stephen released his first book, The Revolutionary Change: Unlock the secret to producing change in your life. This book was birthed out of his experience of transforming his life. He wrote this great work for those individuals that are ready to reposition their lives for outstanding growth and achievement.

Stephen is a sought after Speaker and Seminar Teacher as well. Some of the topics include: The seven laws of entrepreneurship; The effective organization; Unlock the change within you workshop; and The young entrepreneur. The material that Stephen shares fans the fire of the entrepreneurial spirit that is needed to grow an organization to world class status. Website:

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