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Business article marketing is dumb, but only to the people that haven't bothered to genuinly take a look. When you talk about article marketing you are speaking about using the internets own web of words to bring in new customers to your business. Google (loves blogs and articles like a baby likes a noo-noo bottle. It can index them, and index them forever and stay content. Mommy’s not needed when google gets its pacifier content.

However, Just a word of heed. When you write an article you do not want to come off salesy or pitchy. If you do, you will turn people around and send them in the other direction very quickly. You want to try and describe to them the problem, engage with them on an emotional level, and then give them with an idea on a solution that you might be able to offer them.

In addition it’s good to be efficient in your business article marketing efforts by taking advantage of some of the great software out there on the internet that has recently become available. Namely the article spinning software that can turn one article into 50! It essentially rearranges meaningful content (if it was meaningful to start with), and spins it into up to 50 different versions that are similar, but none like the other. This creates a massive jump in ranking because all of your articles are seen by the search engines as separate.

The first thing you need to have in mind for article marketing is that you have to really do good keyword research before implementing your plan. multi-worded keyword combinations or “longtail” keywords tend to be the most profitable and profitable to go with. Its been proven that the long tail keyword surfer is almost ready to buy because scientifically speaking they have narrowed their search down to a psychological needle and are usually ripe to push the buy button by that time.

So in hindsight for article marketing, it’s a great idea to first do your research with keywords, and as a cornerstone I usually go with keywords that have 2000 hits per month or more as candidates. Next make sure you are using time wisely and subscribe to the many different online article submission apps and get the most out of your writings. And lastly, don’t be a salesperson. Remember, the only reason you write this article is to inform and teach. To get your site on google in the top 10 slots on the first page investigate business article marketing.

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