Email Marketing is a Practice You Should be Doing

Email marketing is one of the top marketing methods available online today. With 999 people out of 1,000 not buying the first time they see your website or affiliate link and won’t buy until they have seen the offer more than 5 times, email marketing will allow you to stay in contact with these people and will allow them to see your opportunity numerous times.

Email marketing is easy to set-up and only requires a few things. You will need to purchase an autoresponder service, these make everything automatic and you can change the emails that are to be sent out very easily.

Then you must use a squeeze page, this is where the visitors will enter there name and email address. Once they sign up there email address will go directly into your autoresponder. It’s a matter of driving as much traffic to your squeeze page as possible and get as many names and emails into your autoresponder.

Now you have these names they will be part of your money list for as long as they stay subscribed. On top of having your daily, weekly or monthly email going out to your subscribers you can also send out a random broadcast email with the next big program or maybe you want to give your list something of value for free. This is why email marketing can be so great, you have access to there inbox and lets face it people check there inbox at least once per day.

If done correctly email marketing can be the greatest marketing strategy around. Email marketing is very inexpensive as it doesn’t cost to send and read emails. Your only cost is the autoresponder service which you will find is very cheap. Email marketing also allows you to build a relationship with your list and convert those that were not real keen to buy first time around.

Email marketing is an internet marketing practice that you should be doing if you want to become a success online. Email marketing is a long term strategy that will generate a lot of back end sales and return buyers. Don’t be left behind without a list.

Jason Fulton is a successful internet marketer and home business mentor. Visit the Plug-In-Profit-Site that has a 400 day pre-written email autoresponder campaign built-in to your website that automatically follows-up with your visitors to make extra sales for you! Also check out his legitimate internet business ideas website.

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