Email Marketing Solutions For Gardening Centers

Email marketing solutions will help your gardening center maintain customer loyalty in a fast paced spring and summer season. And I don't have to tell you about how much competition you are up against! Staying ahead of the competition is VITAL, and email marketing solutions will help you do that by tracking your customers' interests. Email marketing solutions enable you to better understand your customer. You can then send out campaigns that are specific to their interests. This way, you achieve greater loyalty to your store; and with greater loyalty, there are greater profits.

Email marketing solutions comes equipped with a tracking feature that is able to chart your clients' "opens", "clicks" and "forwards". Within your email marketing campaign, part of your design will be established so that when you send out a campaign, they will be able to click on a promotion that they feel is appropriate to their needs. You can then track which clients are clicking the different promotions you have offered. What's more is, email marketing solutions has a feature that allows you to export this data (who clicked, what they clicked on, and when) into a file that can be used to create a new email marketing solutions campaign geared to this refined list.

What this means for you is that email marketing solutions automatically segments your customer base to help you better target your client's wants and needs. By offering these people who have showed interest some discounts and promotions, you will receive a greater number of people consistently returning to your store. Their loyalty will increase when you personalize your emails to them.

Another promotion you can offer your top clients is a special invitation to a "Garden Party" in their honor. You can use your email marketing solutions to track your email campaigns and figure out who these top customers are. Then, just use your email marketing solutions to automatically send out a personalized invitation, and make your customers feel special. You can even include family activities in your event, allowing your customers to share their love of gardening with their whole families.

So, how exactly do you decide who is a preferred client? Having segmented your clients, you can now cross reference the people who are clicking on your promotions, with those that have actually come in to your garden center to purchase your products. Another great feature of email marketing solutions is the tracking of "forwards". This important tracking mechanism indicates which of your clients are promoting your store for you. Sending out an invite to these people will make them understand how much you appreciate their business and effort in telling their friends about your center.

By tracking your preferred clients you will be able to better serve their needs and make them feel valued as a customer. Having a greater amount of loyal customers will translate into consistent growth in sales. In the quick spring and summer season, you don't want to only service "annuals"... you want to make sure you've got "perennials."

Rudy Barell is a Senior Account Executive with Elite Email, the complete email marketing solutions package used by gardening centers around the world. You can deploy comprehensive email marketing for your gardening center with a no risk free trial. Start harnessing the power of email marketing today!

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