Entrepreneurship and the Internet

It seems like everyone these days is talking about one thing: entrepreneurship. Either someone's an entrepreneur or someone else is talking about a new enterprise. Just what's so great about this whole entrepreneurship buzz anyway?

The definition

Entrepreneurship is a person (or sometimes a group) which pursues opportunities to satisfy needs and wants using uniqueness and innovation. It's going after an idea and making it happen.

Some people think an entrepreneur is a business gambler, taking chances on an unproven business or an idea to make money. Sure, entrepreneurs take risks, but they're calculated ones, not random investments on crazy concepts. The risks entrepreneurs choose are ones determined to have the potential for great return.

The profile

Three factors are the keys to entrepreneurship: opportunities, innovation, and growth.

A person with entrepreneurial aspirations observes environmental trends and changes and pursues unseen opportunities with all possible resources. He or she uses innovative ideas to revolutionize and transform products or services, coping with changing environments.

The entrepreneur is also focused on growth, applying continuous effort to expand their business. Success is the ultimate goal, and creative approaches, such as outsourcing some aspects of the business help to achieve those goals.

The personality

Entrepreneurship involves a desire to be bigger, sell more, and go beyond what is expected. A visionary perspective spurns ideas. Drive and determination push an entrepreneur forward.

Of course, an entrepreneur needs to take some great leaps of faith. They also need to take some incredible risks. But even the largest corporations started out small. Through the calculated strategies of entrepreneurs, small businesses became world leaders.

The landscape

Entrepreneurship happens all around us, in all four corners of the globe. The Internet, though, is the landscape that is buzzing with entrepreneurship right now. It offers new industry possibilities, for those who are motivated to take the chance.

These entrepreneurs drive today's global business environment. Through calculated risks, they improve the world and profit from it. Stepping out of the comfort zone, they invest in development through technological advancements. They strive for greater heights, providing better products and services to consumers.

Everyone from homemakers to unemployed workers to students are striking it rich because of the opportunities the Internet offers. Many are young, dynamic individuals unafraid of risk and many more are mature people ready to make a change. Avid entrepreneurs in established businesses are realizing the potential the Internet offers, too. Anyone can seize ideas and turn visions into reality. All they have to do is take a chance.

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