Entrepreneurship Is A “take” And “house” Psychological Battle

Entrepreneurship is a "take" and "care" of the psychological battle is a difficult decision on the future way of life! Believe the business friends, many are like me, always hovering between choice. Work, family, career, environment, self. This modern youth have to face the top-five choice factors.

Work. I believe many of my friends will have a job, or very satisfied or very satisfied, or indifferent. Satisfaction with workplace active, and earnest effort to obtain a satisfactory return, in order to seek development, it is a virtuous circle; unsatisfied with their work may have many complaints, so feel no future, no space, trying desperately to change the status quo , depression, this is a vicious circle; But whether satisfaction and dissatisfaction, but also required for the human temperament and strength, some people get 5-6 million a year to sit authorities, not satisfied; someone to do secretarial work, take 3-4 year, and satisfied.

So this is also Introduction. But the most terrible of the work does not matter who is doing the do, you can ignore the secular materialistic world, such people generally either Wutou life, or the lack of a normal beat. The start! Is the house "work" - work for others, and work for themselves. Here we face is what you give up, get anything. Perhaps your work has a decent income Fei brilliance, and long-term view, as long as you time, but also have opportunities for promotion, so you do not want to give up this work to join the relatively risky venture, may one day in your What managers waiting for the time of appointment, thinking finally can be equipped with a car, and your classmates and friends to tell you, he finally survived the most difficult start, when to harvest sweat, and to reward yourself, you buy a BMW bar.

Family. Great idea, in many cases, you will ignore its power, because a man is really most important thing in the end what the answer is probably in your 50 years old, you will say the family. If they work hard, get ahead, as the in the end what is the truth for their own ideals, their own pride, or their own humiliation, the world's assessment criteria, there are rooms with rich feeling car. Maybe some people, warm you jealous, make you jealous of joy, watching them from the bottom of my heart exudes contentment and happiness, dampen your business prepared to endure hardship for the involvement of ambition. Really, life just a few years, how much time you can use to achieve their ideals, to the envy of the success of stroke in the cause, but so much time with your family warm. Therefore, the "family" is a business, you have to "care" of another factors, including the family has become, or of adults and families, if you can not only fully worked hard for their cause, with successful organizations, to take care of Good family, including your family every key personnel (parents, brothers, sisters, wives and children), then you must be a friend of the dream of many idols.

Prospects. This factor is perhaps the most realistic or the most vague or the most unpredictable one of "x", work, or Families are, that still exist are real, and "future", that is to judge the results. Many great men have become the great man, face up to as the "future" of the super-judgment. So, this one to the wishes of various social factors and the combination of an individual judge, if the wage is more promising, why venture, knowing that the business will fail, why do you torment, whereas the same reason. The judge, in the end is short-sighted or far-sighted, is one of the greatest test for you, as is too proud, Baize bitter. Or take the house of it, make it clear Oh!

Environment. Including the atmosphere, a factor that may be a little minor thing, but in some, it really is a factor can not be ignored, especially pay attention to personal feelings of a friend. Environment, some small, some large international environment, small office environment. Many people will cause the city as a development target, major cities, regardless of wage Ye Hao, business Yehao, it should be said, there will be relatively more opportunities, but also the Ebb Tide, wave hit up 10 million, 10 million wave down to the small city, relatively "courtesan that local forces, localism, is the problem, but also there is gold there. the atmosphere, we are also very much for some people care, some people like bright luster of the upper atmosphere while some people enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, shorts T-shirt.

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