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Mutual guidance among peers like is to have a personal trainer. Think of your peer mentor (peermentor) as 5 am to knock on the coaching, he urges you to climb out of a warm bed, bathed in the dawn in the cold running forward. If not him, you will definitely lazy and say to yourself you need to sleep a little longer, and your fitness cause of this failed.

As a private coach plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as peer tutors can also help you and your business tremendous help. University of Ke Lumo

Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship Graduate School of Business executive director Tom? Keluzeke (TomKruczek) said: "As an entrepreneur, you often feel very lonely. When you are in a Cooperation Environment, you can peer exchange, but in the enterprise organization in the event of certain problems and troubles, and even hard to tell you the second in command. "

Find a peer mentor. Keluzeke said, "should be those you know and trust, they will tell you the truth, and very concerned with their reputation." He also pointed out that this role is best not to be family members or other important figures, "Family members are not necessarily willing to tell you the truth, but your peer mentor but should be all you know, without reserve."

Essential to find a suitable mentor partners. So many entrepreneurs are looking for the proposals, and actively participate in various business organizations, women associations and women entrepreneurs, operators and other industry organizations, but also to social networking sites BizzFlip up.

Now look at how each team of three entrepreneurs find each other, but also how to build a successful partnership.

Mutual partner Security? PSYCHE (AnnSachs) and Carey? Avery (CareyEarle) has always been outspoken. Although the 61-year-old and 42-year-old Saich Avery has a very different business backgrounds, but they still played a successful conclusion of a partnership.

Saich is the New York City theater design experts?? Saiqi Mo Roots Studio (SachsMorganStudio) the president and CEO, but Avery is the Vermont Green Apple Marketing Company (GreenAppleMarketing), founder and chief creative officer, two female president of met in the organization (WomenPresidents'Organization) New York Chapter's activities.

"This is every entrepreneurs, are good ways." Saich said. "Everybody needs." No matter how busy work, they find two weekly one-hour phone call, to discuss their individual goals, encourage each other to move, this telephone exchanges are usually Monday evening. Avery said, "It makes you have stepped back to re-examine the prospects for a large."

Although the age is very unlikely that they be peers, but the odd game and Avery business sense, regarded each other as peers, in fact, they said the age gap of 19 years for their many advantages. Avery is the home of the oldest five sisters, she said: "In 42 years I had a big sister, she knows a lot of things I do not know, have experienced a lot of things I have not experienced before, this is really great."

Saich believes that her friendship with Avery greenhouse to wake up from their own, to help her face the hopes, dreams and failures. Avery also encouraged Saich write books, records how she will play technology to the commercial operation of personal experience. Saich said: "Without this mutual aid partners, Avery, I could not write this book." IRiver has recently completed the first draft of a novel, tentatively entitled "fat girl said" (ConfessionsofAFatGirl).

Avery said: "We are going through this process together, it's like having a double force, as we learn in the process of publishing will find something, and then sharing.

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