Find Success Through Persistent Self-Motivation

What is it about a business that can wreck someone? Have you experienced that pain before? It can break you down and make you wonder if there is even a possible way out of it. Have you put your whole heart and trust into something that didn't work out? I have. I know what that is like and I sympathize with you.

I remember starting businesses with the thoughts of millions of dollars, success, luxuries and enjoyment beyond comprehension. I would stay up all night dreaming about how I was going to be successful with my business. I would do anything to create that success. I would read, study, market, ask questions, whatever it would take and in the end fear set in and hurdles seemed to be too big for me to understand.

I would let the business get the best of me. Sure I had plenty of excuses such as people and circumstances. I know I could blame others, but in the end it always comes down to me. No one can take away my agency. I have to choice of how I will respond to any circumstance. I can let it tear me down if I want or I can learn from it.

I never let it happen again and actually somewhere deep inside feel grateful for that lesson that I was able to learn now rather than later. I know that I have great, cingular capabilities that allows for me to succeed. I believe that exists in you.

Does this story sound familiar? I think it does all to well. I think that it probably doesn't apply just to business. It applies to everything that you face in the complexities of your lives. It applies my relationships, my faith, my health, everything. The success is not just achieving a goal, but everything that leads up to it.

I want to remind you that every no is one step closer to a yes. Every wrong is one step closer to a right. That is life. The worse thing we could do is not fail, but instead to never try. Failure is a state of mind. I talk to so many people daily that let their own mind beat themselves.

It is like a tragic disease, but what is worse than a physical ailment is that they can go a lifetime without even realizing it. Then the end comes up and you wonder to yourself, "Why didn't you take that chance?" Honestly what is there to really lose, your pride? Well that is a good thing because there are two kinds of people in the world, those that are humble and those that will be humbled.

I would suggest being a part of the first so that you can be happy. So go out and enjoy your "learning experiences". Appreciate them and laugh about them because if you do hit rock bottom then all you can go is up. Just make sure that you keep moving.

Courtney helps others to make free money online by writing articles on self motivation and online business.

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