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Haiyan Huang Xiaohua currently a major agricultural product processing enterprises. He said that work here, are not only financial rewards, there are all kinds of experience, once more venture capital, he will once again embark on his own.

[HC Lighting Net] "Where I'm going where the meat is falling. I will start again, but will not blindly imitate someone else." Experienced a business setback for Huang Xiaohua told reporters yesterday, his voice much more mature.

Haiyan Huang Xiaohua currently a major agricultural product processing enterprises. He said that work here, are not only financial rewards, there are all kinds of experience, once more venture capital, he will once again embark on his own.

Copy business model to others 3 years ago, Huang Xiaohua in sea salt and opened a seafood-based operating Hotel , Signature dish is the crab. "I have students in Hangzhou to open this type of hotel, business is good, after I went to learn, they write them in the sea salt has also opened a, from the decision to officially open up shop just 3 months time." Huang Xiaohua memories. Run this hotel, fro a total investment of 20 million, money his parents funded.

The beginning, the hotel business was very good, every month more than 10,000 yuan of profits. But did not last long, Hangzhou mode sea salt is not moved to Emmanuel, six months later, the hotel has seen a decline, until the closure closed.

Huang Xiaohua said that facts have proven that business can not copy the successful model must be done enough homework early. Hangzhou students were open to see well, they thought that open sea salt also can make it, not done sufficient market research, resulting in poor hotel location. He said the atmosphere around the restaurant is very important to do, had no choice dining atmosphere good location, this is a business fail. What should be the best most expensive

Huang Xiaohua, and most of the graduates had just stepped into the society, like the beginning and has great vision.

Huang Xiaohua by the high standards the hotel Decoration Specifically requested a design firm in Jiaxing, renovation costs alone spent more than 100,000 yuan. Rental store nearly 70,000 yuan a year, he once signed for 3 years. To Zhoushan seafood procurement, spend high pick high-end, please also hand reared water allocation. In order to win high-quality low-cost, Huang Xiaohua the dishes than the price set low, this way, the costs are high, profit margin is small, a certain extent, affected the hotel's "sustainable development."

"I thought then that the hotel should open into the county unique decoration to the best of raw materials to the best, really Costly." Huang Xiaohua said, "No pinpoint the right location, suffered a major loss. If your hotel decoration, at least you can save 34 million. Also, I do not know enough to consumers, the concept of consumption of each place is different, compared with Hangzhou, sea salt consumers do not ask the hotel environment, but more emphasis on taste and quality cuisine. " Lack of sufficient entrepreneurial experience

Huang Xiaohua of the specialties is environmental management project. He said the choice had run the hotel business, did not take into account their familiarity with this area, his side did not have a master, only to see the students open well, Haiyan City, and no one specialized in seafood in hotels, on the single-minded bar into it.

Later, Huang Xiaohua business on their own for the first time a summary and reflection. He said that we students have advantage of business, also has its limitations, the school's learning so that we have a certain expertise, but not into the society, in business sense, and so is the lack of social experience, so students the choice of direction in the business should exceed and start from their own familiar territory. "I'm engaged in agro-processing work, if you choose entrepreneurship in this field, should be handy number." He said with a smile.

Business needs passion, but not the lack of entrepreneurial feasibility of calm, comprehensive assessment. Huang Xiaohua students start to see the success of Hangzhou, the copy mode, on the sea salt food and beverage market is not doing the investigation, only to idealized inference, the results with the actual picture. Students must identify themselves before business can do, how to make money, do not be too ambitious. Today's society, college students successful venture and seeks more difficult to go it alone, might organize a team of joint venture, which is more likely to succeed.

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