How to Show to Employers you are Motivated

Employers are not always selecting the best candidates in term of academic results or the most experience in the field to fill up their job vacancies. What actually make those success candidates in an interview session stand out of crowd and be successfully secured the job? You must be surprised to the answer from most employers: Self-motivation on how a person is committed to the job that made them being offered to the job position.

You might know this is the key differentiator that can make you stand out of crowd. The question is how are you going to demonstrate to the employers that you are motivated and be able to commit to the job if you are offered with the job?

During the interview session, you can tell the employer that you are motivated with the job offer, but the employer may not be able to see through your action if you don't demonstrate it. How to demonstrate you are self-motivated? You may ask. Fortunately, it isn't all that difficult as you may think to prove that you are a good self-motivation person. In fact, it can be surprisingly easy to do through some simple actions that may, on the surface, seem like nothing special. If you demonstrate these actions, you are showing that you are self-motivated that will automatically make you stand out from crowd and being noticed by employers.

What actions are we talking about? Here are some examples:

1. Conducting Informal Interviews with Employers

Let the employers see your self-motivation by contacting the prospective employers to learn more about the career opportunities in their company. The companies may not have any vacant position for new hiring at the moment, but you can show your initiative by contacting the employers and have an informal discussion or a short interview with the employers to see any possibility to start your career there in the future. You could also hand in your resume to the employers to review and remind the employers to call you for a formal interview when there are vacant positions that meet your career interest.

2. Tailor Your Resumes and Cover Letters To Each Company's Need

Do you know that some differences on your resumes or cover letters may make you stand out from crowd? Most of job applicants are using the standard format of resumes and cover letters. Imagine that when the employer screen through the stack of application letters and reviews the resume of each applicant, if they see one that is tailored to the company's need, they definitely will pay an attention on it and resulting in positive impression. You are showing the employer that you are spending time and effort to write your resume and application letter to their specific needs. With that, you have offered tangible evidence of your self-motivation.

3. Doing Something Out of the Ordinary

During your internship or summer job or any volunteering work that you have done for a company for free or specific projects during your college time, try to do something that is out of the ordinary. For example you may offer yourself to develop a website for a local nonprofit organization or volunteer yourself for doing the evaluation tests to help in finding solution for a problem, or you can even develop a project to meet the company specific needs. In these cases, you are showing a self-motivation behavior and these companies may approach you for a job after your graduation.


Self-motivation is very important to make you stand out from crowd and being noticed by employers. Don't just tell employers that you are a self-motivated person, instead, show to them with your actions.

Amelia Turner, an educational article writer for You can find more details information and free resources about accredited online universities, distance learning programs, financial aids and other accredited online education programs that can help you to make decision to earn your degree online.

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