Internet Marketing For Free: The Guide: Internet Marketing To Go!

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Internet Marketing for Free: The GUIDE will teach you what you need to know about internet marketing. You'll learn the latest internet marketing techniques: *Search engine optimization *Article Marketing *Blogging *Free Classifieds and Pay Per Clicks *Joint Ventures *Press Releases *Affiliate Program Management *Forums The best part is that each of these internet marketing techniques are completely free to do. All you need to do is spend a little time setting up your marketing campaigns. Apply these techniques consistently to your sites, and you'll drive all the targeted traffic to your sites you need, and you'll do it on a zero marketing budget. Internet Marketing For Free: The Guide: Internet Marketing To Go!

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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing For Free: The Guide: Internet Marketing To Go!”

  • This book was OK. It had the potential to be a great little book on Internet marketing. However, I just had too much trouble digesting it. I did not see any reason to split the content into three parts, 21 chapters, and an appendix. And there were typos – more than just a few. On top of that, I found the book to be incredibly wordy. And the journalistic style of writing is adequate for newspaper articles, but not for something sold as a book. There were many one-sentence paragraphs throughout. And the page formatting left me thinking I was reading a text file that had been converted to PDF.

    If the author had organized the book into eight chapters as follows, and done a nice job of developing a theme in each chapter, then I suspect the book would deserve at least a 4-star rating.

    1. Search Engine Optimization

    2. Article writing & submission

    3. Blogging

    4. Posting on online directories

    5. Posting press releases on PR directory sites

    6. Posting on free classifieds sites

    7. Social networking & forums

    8. Affiliate programs & Joint ventures

    Unfortunately, the book is not so neatly organized. And there are numerous “bonuses” refered to in the book. When I buy a book I expect everything in it to be something I paid for. I don’t need to be told I am getting a bonus here and a bonus there.

    I was able to get through parts 1 and 2 of the book before I started just skimming the text. There really is a lot of good content in this little ebook masquarading as a POD special. The author qualifies as an infopreneur and she speaks from real world experience in much of what she talks about here. There are a ton of URLs that any infopreneur would probably like to get their hands on. Whether they will be good links in a year or two I don’t know. But the raw content in this little tome saves it for me. Otherwise I would have really tanked its star rating. 3 stars!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Mrs. Jinger Jarrett is a straight shooter… I was just about ready to throw in the towel! this Internet marketing is getting fierce. With all the junk and scams that’s on the Internet that will clean your bank account out and leave you laying in the streets… once in a blue moon somebody shows you there is a better way!!! my advice Don’t quit just get the book.

    Mrs. Jinger Jarrett… here’s a high five!

    Terry & Denise Clark, Chicago
    Rating: 5 / 5


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