Is Internet Business a Myth or Reality?

Internet is a amazing breakthrough for any business. It is a gold mine. It is both a cash cow to few and a great unsolved puzzle to many? To be a successful opportunist on internet is to know the way it factions and to know the do’s and don’ts.

There are many ways one can use internet from a mere chatting, emailing to earning opportunities in small way to establishing a big business.

To those who succeed in their objective of using internet, it is a reality and to others it is a myth?

Many beginners with lot of aspiration to make money on the internet will end up in disappointment, confusion and conclude internet business is a myth. The common mistakes they make

1. Search internet for business opportunities.

The search results ranges from “make $$$$ in 10 minutes work, surf and earn, see movies and earn, and so on.

They immediately go into the loop of finding out those opportunities and end up in those vicious circles. They will only realize after a long time that they are in a whirl pool and either decide internet opportunity a myth or try again for better keyword.

2. This time they try for a keyword like ‘how to start a business on the internet’ or ‘how to make money on the net’ and so on.

They end up in more attractive offers like promoting products and services as affiliates, referrals, associates. These referral programs are offered by highly promising companies and established products and services.

They immediately register domains relevant to the products, develop web pages and promote the referral links through their websites.

Still end up in failure? Again conclude internet opportunity is a myth

So what next? How to convert this myth to reality?

Watch my next article. In the mean time watch this successful opportunity and find out why?

I am fro India. I designed and promoted few websites with the following objectives
1. To earn decent
2. To provide genuine information on various business opportunities to new and professional webmasters
3. To give information on what to do and what not to do on internet

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