It Revolution, Marketing History and Online Marketing

The IT Revolution is at hand. Before, IT is only associated with computers. Now, IT extends its services to other branches like Medicine, Robotics, Banking, and a lot more. Marketing, a small branch of commerce, was able to extend more of its tentacles by utilizing IT's services through online or internet promotion.

From the word “market” alone, one is capable of grasping its meaning. Since, the actual selling and small time promotion are done in the market, thus, it is but right to say that marketing is the business of advertising, promoting and the selling of goods and services. Online marketing follows this exact concept but only done through online advertisements and/or promotions and can be accessed by anybody through the internet.

After man discovered agriculture and improving its techniques, man was able to produce more food products which, unfortunately, cannot be consumed by his family or his entire community in due time. So before those products will expire, man decided to trade it for something else like precious stones, other food products or services. After some time, the use of money as medium for payments, made almost anybody rich by merely selling goods in the market. The presence of competitors makes man innovative in disposing and selling his products, and one such useful technique is marketing (through advertisements and promotions).

Apart from merely stacking goods in the market for consumers to purchase, there are other simple ways to market one's goods. Public speaking, as means of public advertising, easily catches the attention of many consumers. The way marketers of food supplement products perform public speaking (or advertising done through verbal communication) that promise easy money and wealth overnight, entice the people into purchasing products and becoming marketers as well. Marketing strategies greatly improved, together with the birth of television and the utilization of print. Promotion of goods are mostly done through print advertisements because almost everybody can read and purchase newspapers, magazines and other printed circulation. The use of television advertisement, employing advanced graphical techniques, helps a lot in affecting the consumer's psychology into purchasing goods or services.

With marketing as a key player in affecting one's senses into purchasing a product, many business enthusiasts thought of utilizing the advancing and unstoppable progress of online accessibility. Today, it is common to see advertisements and promotions upon one single entry in one website. The advertisements that all of us can see in the internet are the products of online marketing.

There are several ways on how to market goods using the online marketing. These are: (1) Search Engine Optimization, (2) Banner Advertising, (3) Newsgroup or Forums, (4), Email Advertising..

What is fortunate in online marketing, is that a simple product could reach out to millions of people throughout the world without spending much in actual and manual promotions in different countries.

The author of this article is Paulita C. Lobrin from Iloilo, Philippines. To know more, click for imformation

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