My Road to Online Entrepreneurship

I first heard about being an online entrepreneur from one of my friends. I asked her work and that's what she said to me, honestly I do not have an idea about her work except that it's through the internet. When I got home, I browsed some sites and there I discovered what being an online entrepreneur means. Working at your home and running a business at the same time, no wonder my friend seem to be relaxed and has a lot of time to bond with her family.

Having a regular day job and a family to take care of is a really big challenge for me. What's more difficult is that although I do not get much time for myself and family, my salary is so minimal that we have to scrape at the end of the month just to be able to pay all the bills and buy our needs. Now what I discovered about online entrepreneurship woke up my senses, I suddenly had an urge to take on that route and see if I could succeed in that industry.

I literally took a gamble from the money for my monthly budget. I spent some in taking an online course that I found to be receiving good reviews, and of course a course that I could only afford. I want to have the knowledge, the skills, resource and tools to start immediately in earning online and since I'm a beginner in this field a course could help me out.

Luckily, I seem to be having some luck since the course I took have a lot of freebies in it. One that I immediately set up was the free websites. After studying for few days, I pushed my luck further and applied everything I learned to the websites that I have and I seem to have full of luck. In a day or two of working overnight for my website, I was earning ten dollars a day it seems minimal yes but a good start. At that rate, I could have back the money that I used to sign up in week.

Right now a few months after starting my course, I decided to give up my day job. My family was wary but I know that I made the right choice. If from working nightly, I was able to generate 100 to 200 a week, what more if I'll spend more time in it. Now I have more time for my family and I am not stressed out from pleasing any boss, I am now my own boss.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that a good course would come out of the internet, much more it is hard to believe that you can get your income from it. I guess having the right knowledge worked for me and of course the perseverance that I exerted in pushing my online business. In spite of lack of sleep I never waver the desire to use all the skills that I have just to get my online business running. Having all the tools that I need and readily available source for help, my road to online business was quite a breeze. The only part that I need to focus is learning and applying what I have learned.

I am not that successful yet in being an online entrepreneur, but in time I know I will be. I have been successful in the gamble that I made with taking a course and now I will learn more and work more, this is my formula to being successful in this field.

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