Niche Definition-Perfect Internet Business : Niche Marketing

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Niche definition-perfect internet business : niche marketing. This articles introduce to a very profitable internet business model-niche marketing.

Niche marketing ( like as an affiliate marketing) is based on a simple concept: incentive- based marketing ,where the "incentive is derived from profit sharing
One thing Internet merchants always want more of is traffic and visibility. However they wouldn't be able to generate nearly as much traffic if they did all the marketing themselves, so create affiliate programs . They create a "virtual sales team" that can go out to an affiliate of a given online merchant. When you sign up to an affiliate , you don't literally work for the company in an employer sense of the word.

You are free agent who markets and promotes the company at will but only because they've given you an incentive to do so-and that incentive is your affiliate commission.

Affiliate commission are commission paid on referred sales –more often will be a certain percentages of a product's price.

How does the merchant actually know to credit you with these sales? You're given affiliate link. Affiliate links are hyperlinks which uniquely identify an affiliate. They are specially coded to send the visitors to the correct page on the merchant's website.

Any time someone clicks on that link and buys the product, the affiliate gets credited with the sale and a commission from products he did not create. This is niche marketing in a nutshell. You can sign up as an affiliate with any merchant running an affiliate program in any niche. You get unique link , and send traffic through that link. If you refer visitor buys the products you earn commission.

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