Online Marketing and Offline Marketing Strategy in B2b Portal

If Business is to profit, then Marketing is to business. Since, without marketing, business is not possible whether it is done in any form. Even traditional business had some marketing tactics, be it delivery unto buyer place or flexibility in payment terms. Ultimately, what can turn on more business is often considered as marketing and its implementation after analysis of the situations from time to time can be termed as strategy. I often found, when you say strategy, people nod their head but when it comes to know what is strategy they loose the color of their face.

Strategy is a factor which construes marketing and marketing runs on strategy. What RCC beams are to a building in the same manner strategy is for marketing .if one claims to be doing marketing without strategy then he may be fooling himself and more to others as without strategy in any manner , marketing is not possible.
The very next thing which comes is how to make strategies for marketing the product?

Before that, let us take some pain to understand what exactly is strategy. Strategy is nothing but understanding the basics of positioning a product, features and potential of product, strength and weakness of products, timely review of planning’s etc and then analyzing it to conclude with some parameters for selling the same product with respect to different zones and geographical areas, this result into strategy. Isn’t it very simple. If one makes simple strategy, he makes simple way to success in business.
After Strategy, What Next?

Then comes the real marketing play. Again, it is followed by another question how to and what can be the modes of marketing.
Lets us see which mode is required, when marketing modes option comes to be chosen for business:

Whether Online Marketing?
Whether Offline Marketing?

Before, discussing about advantages and dis-advantages as well as requirement of online marketing, let’s see the modes and strategies of offline marketing.

a. Direct Marketing
b. Telemarketing
c. Advertisement in TV
d. Campaign based advertisement in Radio.
e. Advertisement in public places, public transportation
f. Participation in Exhibitions & Trade Shows
g. Door to Door Marketing
h. Promotional campaigns
i. Discounts and offers
j. Referral Marketing
k. Public Relations
l. Print Media
M. sponsoring some events, sports etc.

The list can have much more to it, but the aforesaid are considered to be the prominent amongst any other options possible or available for any person.
So, after doing, still one requires any other mode of marketing, before we make a hasty decision, what if some online marketing options are just explored:

a. Contacting and Responding through Mail
B. Advertisement in Google, Yahoo
C. Advertisement through Ad brite
D. Advertisement in Blogs
E. Advertisement in most popular sites and portals
f. Article Marketing
g. Affiliate Marketing
h. Online Viral Marketing
i. Email Marketing
j. Activities in Forum & Social bookmarking
K. Linking with quality sites
l. Banner Exchange
m. Search Engine Optimization via Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Many more to be added, even in this sphere alone.
After referring to all, do you feel one is required and sufficient and if one is, then which one .Then I must answer that absolutely NOT, one cannot be a substitute for other, but both are required.
Because, Offline, marketing is very well known potential mode of marketing and will always be required but at the same only offline marketing will not do justice to your marketing, still don’t believe, then just check the truth as stated below:

a) Round the globe more than 50% business is carried out and communicated through mails which is online mode.
b) Corporates, SMEs, MNC all are dependant upon mail for communication.
c) Young generation is net savvy.
d) People are dependant upon websites to fulfill their basic necessities be it
1) jobs,
2) accommodation,
3) buying and selling
4) marriage
5) chatting
6) communication
7) outsourcing work
8) filing tax returns
9) gathering any information etc
10) on an average more than 50% business man and involved in international trade use B2b Portals to effect the business .
If this is the some eye opening facts , can still one keep away from online marketing ………….Now You Decide !

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