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Online marketing in Bangkok is a relatively new trend as most Bangkok-area business people have been slow to realize that their websites are becoming more and more important in terms of bringing in business. While this may seem a bit strange to people in more developed countries, it is nevertheless the reality here in Thailand.

Because of this, the entire SEO and online marketing industry here is very small and not very advanced. A survey of company websites that purport to be SEO and online marketing consultants will quickly illustrate that almost every one of these companies has very little idea of what is actually involved in creating a successful SEO marketing campaign. One of the companies that does seem to have a very clear idea of what to do in this field has a site called and also offers an SEO and online marketing training course.

In general, though, the pickings are slim when it comes to real expertise in the field of online marketing and the prices that some people are paying here for the meager results they get seems to suggest that it may be better to do your online marketing using your own personnel. This necessitates training but there is, as mentioned above, a resource for this so it is possible to achieve. However, there are a number of factors to consider when attempting to create your own online marketing department inside your company.

First, make sure that your marketing plan includes all of the elements that are needed to pursue a well-rounded strategy. This means you need to do article marketing, post videos on sharing sites such as YouTube, post article and videos on news and citizen journalism sites, create a blog or multiple blogs, do link building (of the Google-approved variety), make use of social network sites and do bookmarking. These are the basic areas that are essential for most businesses, although yours may not utilize all of them right away.

Once you have mapped out the strategy you want to employ then you need to ensure that your personnel are trained well enough in the specific areas of writing, simple video production and basic skills that are needed to post content on external websites, use bookmarking sites and make use of social networking sites. These basic skills, along with a good database of websites to post content to, are all that are needed to put together an effective online marketing program that will drive more traffic to your website and increase your business.

Tom Aikins is a Bangkok-based consultant specializing in search engine optimization and internet marketing. He regularly presents seminars on these subjects and his website,, contains a comprehensive, video-based training course for all aspects of SEO and online marketing.

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