Small Businesses Can Compete Against Giants

Small businesses face many technological challenges to success. Typically, small businesses do not have the resources of a large publicly traded organization. How can small business compete with these large corporations when they have less labour and capital available?

The answer lies in taking advantage of free software opportunities available to small businesses. Large corporations by their very nature have large R&D budgets as well as teams of in-house technical support. Large corporations don't face the same challenges when it comes to acquiring business software.

Small businesses can take advantage of their lower cost structure by using existing free software rather then spend vast amounts of money on software development. The small business operator may not have the skills to program custom applications. The small business operator may not have the technical staff necessary to provide support for any in-house applications.

Using free software which comes with free technical support is the easiest way for small businesses to level the playing field with their publicly traded counterparts. For instance, instead of writing an application to handle web forms, a small business owner can simply use existing free software tools such as CreateForms. Should the owner require further tools they may try using free web tools such as

By taking advantage of quality free software and support small businesses can substantially reduce their cost structure and offer their products or services at prices below those of large publicly traded corporations. The Internet and technology may have leveled the playing field between large corporations and small businesses.

Kyle Ware recommends the following free software / services to help small businesses compete:
Create Free Html Forms

Free Customer Appointment Software

Webmaster Resource

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