The Chinese Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Globalization

China, in Asia, is a country, which is developing rapidly and creating hurdles and challenges for developed countries. After 1976 the Chinese people took more interest in improving their economical condition. It’s only due to their firm faith, struggle, and hard work. Good decisions make a nation lucky and the same case was with china. One important decision was made in 1980 and it was about to create several Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in China. This step made the customer and the international businessmen more close to China. The center was down south, which compel the British government to invest in this scheme because it was just across the Hong-Kong border. Every country of the world took her part and invests in Shenzhen. In a rough calculation over U.S.$60 billion were invested in china at that time. Because it was a center which attracted the not only businessmen but also customers to come and visit. It was first time in history that a tiny city became popular within short period of time. People with different ages, now, working there and earning money. They are spending a prosperous life. They spend most of their time in work. In a survey it was estimated that approximately 12 million Chinese have been moved to Shenzhen. China sends thousands of youngsters in United States for study and technical education.

After this keen work, we can conclude that world is changing rapidly. We can’t rely on single theory or product. Ideas change swiftly, but innovation is substantial part of novel ideas. It’s also important to know how opportunities emerge. We are now in an era of transformation. Only a few years ago, entrepreneurship was a vague term occasionally used to explain bursts of economic activity. Today, the popular term entrepreneur occurs in television commercials, corporate annual reports, and political speeches. This transformation has had serious implications for business education and the way in which success defined in the minds of young adults.

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