The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business, 5th Edition

  • ISBN13: 9781592575848
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Product Description
Added value CD-ROM included!

Newly revised for the ever-changing world of business, this book offers stress-free guidance for anyone who wants to turn a good idea into a good living. This edition also includes a CD-ROM featuring 100 commonly requested forms and documents essential to business start-ups.

--Completely revised and updated 10th anniversary edition of this top-selling title
--CD-ROM included, featuring 100 commonly requested forms and documents and three bonus chapters on related topics The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting Your Own Business, 5th Edition

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5 Responses to “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business, 5th Edition”

  • John Matlock says:

    This is a quite complete guide to what it takes to start and operate a successful business in the United States. It’s broken down into three major parts that cover the three big aspects of being in business.

    Part One is on the general concepts of being in business, being your own boss, the money you will need, other kinds of businesses like franchises. You need to be very honest with youself here. There are some people who just are not suited for self employment. Then there the rest of who are just not suited to work for someone else.

    Part Two has two areas I recommend you read and then don’t exactly do what he says.

    First, he starts off with how to write a business plan. I realize that people say they don’t need one, but I recommend you write one anyway. It forces you to think about aspects of your business that you might otherwise ignore, and it’s better to think of them before they become problems. On the other hand, I wouldn’t follow his advice on how to write the plan. Go buy one of the business plan writing software packages. They are cheap ($30 or so on eBay) will guide you through the writing process and have a bunch of pre-written plans to use as examples. I’ve used a couple of different packages, they were both about the same, get the one that looks best to you.

    Also in Part Two is a discussion on accounting. Read what he says, but then go buy a small computer accounting system. Setting up your own system is a pain, and if you start with a computer based system, you’ll not have to convert later. Indeed, the first entries you make in the system can be the purchase of the software packages, and writing off of your computer system.

    Part Three kind of goes back to the general concepts of part one. Chapters include comments on things like cash, banks, credit cards, etc.

    All in all, a good introductory book.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Adrienne says:

    The book provides good basic information, but anyone starting a business would definitely need more detail. The content would probably provide an overview that would bring to your attention what you need to do further research on. It was too basic/broad for my purposes.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  • Coriv says:

    I thought this book was a pretty good overall starting point. Seems to address the major issues one may encounter when starting a business. Then one can do more research into whatever issue they run into from here .
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • P. McCoy says:

    I’ve been exploring the possibility of starting my own business and found this book at my local library. The information is very helpful but the only drawback to borrowing this book from the library was that the person who had the book before me KEPT the CD-ROM!

    I plan on getting a copy for my own so that I can refer to it AND be able to use the CD-ROM when I need to!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • K Bell says:

    This was an excellent purchase. Shipping was super quick and the book was in great condition. The information located in the book answered all my questions about starting a business and was easy to comprehend. I will definately be purchasing from them again.
    Rating: 5 / 5


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