The Magic Of Starting A Small Business

I had wanted to write on this for quite sometime now, but all the same, i know it is never late to do so. One thing about being an entrepreneur is that you tend to get all manner of people coming to you either as customers, business associates, employees, family members, friends or investors.

Quite often i do hear this from them "i want to build a big business" or "i want to be rich." While i am not against tall ambitions since i am also an ambitious person, i am against big dreams without the willingness to pay the necessary price.

Most entrepreneurs dream of being the next Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Sam Walton but they don't seem to know the price these men paid to get to the level they are.

This is the main reason i have a column on my website titled "Lessons from successful entrepreneurs." I purposely introduced the column to enable aspiring entrepreneurs see what it took these entrepreneurs to get to where they are now and to also enable them learn from the mistakes of these successful entrepreneurs.

It is ok to dream big, but the real fact is; are you prepared to pay the price? If you are, then you must be ready to start small. Most young entrepreneurs hate starting a small business. They assemble their business plan, make all necessary arrangements and then wait for an investor that will provide the $1,000,000 capital.

The hard truth is that the million dollar investor might never come and even if they do, they will not invest with you because you lack the necessary business skills and confidence to run a business and grow their money.

So what is the way out? My suggestion to young entrepreneurs who come to me with ideas and business opportunities is this; go and start small or get involved with the process of starting a small business.

I usually advice entrepreneurs who are young in the business world to start a small business based on the following reasons:

1. Most of these young entrepreneurs have no business experience. They have not been confronted by business challenges. But when you start small, you will gain experience and improve your business skills.

2. If you start a small business, you will faced by the initial start up challenges of finding new customers and managing the business system as a whole. Now the truth is; if you can handle these challenges, then you are preparing yourself to handle the challenges of building a big business.

3. In business, there are unforeseen challenges. If an entrepreneur should bend low and go through the process of starting a small business, he or she will come to realize that there is more to building a business than just finding customers.

4. If you are able to start small and grow at a rate of maybe 35 - 45% per annum, investors’ confidence in you will be boosted. The investors will come to reason that since you have gotten to the level you are, a little support will make a big difference. The truth is if you can confidently handle a small business and grow at a steady rate, then you can handle a big business.

With these few reasons of mine, i believe you are now beginning to realize the magic behind starting a small business.

In conclusion, my final advice is this. Even if you take the risk and go through the process of starting a small business, don't get infected with the small business syndrome.

I have seen entrepreneurs start and build small successful businesses but they refuse to go beyond the small business level. They have gotten contented with the small business level. So for you who intend starting small, don't make the same mistake.

At this point, i draw the curtain. God bless you.

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