The Motivation Theory for Success

Looking for guaranteed success in life? You must trust the motivational theory. Learn this theory, trust it and apply it. You will definitely see a difference. There will be a positive energy development in you that would ultimately drive you to your destination. You will be more optimistic and happy to undertake your task. An enhancement of self esteem and confidence in you is also a result of following the motivational theory.

If you are serious about following the motivation theory in your life for achieving success, here are some important steps you must follow:

- Step 1: The driving force: vision

- Step 2: Define your goal: success

- Step 3: Action Steps: The plan.

Let us discuss the above mentioned steps in detail:

Step One:

- The driving force - Vision

Have you charged yourself up with self motivation? What is the force of motivation inside you? What makes you carry a task or play with full enthusiasm? What is the exact element that helps you to concentrate on a certain thing? Don’t get confused. If you want to know about your driving force, you need to sit quite, for a while, think deeply and answer some important questions. This will make you clear about certain forces that make you work towards your dream. Now, answer some of the questions given below:

- Are you really anxious about the idea of spending one whole day or full week at work in order to make efforts towards organizing a business meeting?

- Close your eyes and think about a great vacation you have recently had. How do you feel about it at present? Can you clearly recall vivid images of the water and sand in your mind?

Now as you picturize all the pictures related to your vacation vividly, you are practicing the skill of visualization related to motivation theory.

Step Two

- Defining your goal of success

This step can be referred to as the detailed version of the step one. Here, you tend to experience with other senses and motivate yourself to define the goal. Here, the goal is the ‘vacation’. You should use all your senses in order to progress towards the success goal. Keep on defining your success goal.

Visualize your organization as the top manufacturer or producer of ABC products. Now, this will make you experience the excitement of being the top producer of ABC products. Now, as your senses start feeling the success make note of what you actually observe. Answer the following questions:

- What tasks are you involved in?

- What position have you acquired in your company?

- Do you own an office at the best location in the city?

- Do you see yourself sitting with the other board of directors of the company?

The whole process of answering the questions, visualizing as well as experiencing the achievement of goals will actually define your overall vision of success. Make a note of all that you fee, see, the location you are at, the attire you are wearing and other people’s reaction towards you. The more detailed is your version, the better you would be able to define your goal. For instance, if you want to be famous, you cannot reach your goal until you define being ‘famous’.

Step Three

- The plan of action and your steps towards it

Once you have your vision of what success is to you, you can start working towards your goal.

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