The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur

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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Write a Business Plan The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur

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6 Responses to “The One Page Business Plan for the Creative Entrepreneur”

  • Phil Scanlan says:

    I had seen this book around but hadn’t purchased because I didn’t think a one-page business plan, even if possible, could be of any practical use.

    I have been involved in several successful startups and have done a fair bit of business planning. I had even won prestigious awards for it. Currently I am involved in another startup,, an internet startup focused on language translation.

    So what changed my mind – why did I purchase it?

    I saw the author speak and he made a lot of sense, so I thought I had better get his book and check it out once and for all. If half of what he said was right – this one page business plan was going to be a big help.

    It so happened I had a long 14 hour flight in front of me and took the book along to read. Its friendly style, graphics, and plain good sense (frankly the book is more like a kids coloring book then a traditional business planning book) enticed me to do the exercises as I went (which I never usually do). Answering the questions for my business and me.

    Not only had I finished the book by the end of the flight, but I also had time to type up the final product on my laptop. I guess having already done a full blown traditional business plan for the business helped.

    I have to say I was feeling pretty pleased with what I had produced. I felt more focused and had a much clearer picture of what the most important things were that needed to be achieved next.

    But the most thrilling part was when I tabled it our staff meeting – they loved it. They could clearly see where we were heading, what we had to achieve, and it gave them a clear framework in which they could make the many decisions they have to make everyday.

    The language translation business has been around for centuries, but the opportunities for it on the internet are changing and evolving very fast. This one page business plan is easy and quick to update, and the staff can quickly understand any refinements to our goals.

    But actions speak louder than words, since I have purchased another 10 copies to give away to my product managers (so they can do a plan for their products) and the CEOs of other businesses I am involved in.

    I think the one page business plan is a great management tool that will have a very positive effect on our business. I am already seeing the benefits.

    I guess the joke was on me.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • David Newman says:

    Any business document should be effectively conveyed on a single piece of paper. Even a business plan? YES indeed.

    Winston Churchill was asked how long he would need to prepare a speech. Churchill asked how long he had to speak. He was told 2 hours. “I can do that immediately.” When asked about a 10-minute speech, he replied, “In that case, I should need a fortnight to prepare.”

    That’s the idea behind The One Page Business Plan. If you can put the time, effort, and concentration in (which the book clearly and simply guides you through) to 1 page, you’ve got a killer document that can serve as your touchstone within your group, your department, division, and whole company.

    Another thing – lots of people think this book is only for entrepreneurs. Not so. It’s perhaps most valuable inside corporations, where it can be used to quickly get everyone on the same page (literally!)

    Great book, great concept. Plus you can reuse the format for all kinds of plans – for a project, for a new brand, for a spinoff, even for finding a new job!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Your Business Vision, Mission Statement, Objectives, Markerting Strategies, and Plans… OH MY! Can you think of anything more overwhelming to a potential or new business owner than the thought of putting all that down on paper? Jim Horan has created an easy to understand and enjoyable — yes, I said enjoyable —book that will assist you as you create that solid foundation for your business. Once you have completed “The One Page Business Plan” you have in your hand, the basis of your brochure or web page or networking and marketing plan. What more can a New Business Owner ask for!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • I’ve read a fair amount on how to write a business plan, and for me, this book has been the most helpful. It is a straightforward, concise book that clearly describes the sections of the author’s version of a business plan. The author provides many examples to illustrate the sections, and worksheets to help the reader develop their thoughts on what should be in their business plan. The business plan presented in this book is very good as an informal tool for anyone who is starting a business.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  • Being a severely right-brained person, the thought of actually having to sit down and put to paper a plan for my business was painful. When my coach sent this book to me, I was reluctant to even open it. But, when I did and saw the graphics and journal style layout, I couldn’t put it down. I now have a vision for my business that stretches much further than I ever thought possible. What a tool!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • My comment on this book is from 2000! not 2010.


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