Twelve Self Motivation Tips – Part 1

Twelve Self Motivation Tips - Part 1

Self motivation Tip #1:

Wake up in the morning with an attitude of appreciation. Why? Simply because you woke up. When asked,”how are you today?” your answer should be, “fantastic, excellent or great”.

G.R.E.A.T. stands for Getting Really Excited About Today. You are excited because you woke up, you can see, hear, walk, talk, etc.; however, today could be your last day. Why not make it the greatest day of your life? This is a great self motivation tip to live by.

Self motivation Tip #2:

Self motivation should begin the moment you wake up. What can you do for you? After all, you are the most important person in the world. If you are unable to grasp self motivation and do something special for yourself, you certainly won’t be able to do anything helpful or productive for anyone else. A self motivation tip is to do something for you first.

Self motivation Tip #3:

Self motivation is just beginning. Once you have done something special for yourself, recognize and reward yourself with a glass of juice, a cup of coffee or breakfast. It’s a small treat, however any behaviour that is recognized and rewarded, gets repeated. Self motivation needs recognition and only you can provide it.

Self Motivation Tip #4:

Understand that no one provides self motivation, only you can motivate yourself. Self motivation can hail from external influences which are never lasting or better yet, self motivation can be internal and ever lasting. Live your life from the inside out not the outside in and embrace undeviating self motivation.

Self Motivation Tip #5:

Make a decision. Choose self motivation and live the life of your dreams. Do you really want to live someone else’s dream, a combination of your dream and theirs or do you want to leave life to chance and circumstance? In the realm of self motivation, it doesn’t matter what you decide. You are the decision maker and by utilizing self motivation you will make that decision work. Go ahead, make a decision now and enhance your self motivation.

Self Motivation Tip #6:

Self motivation is taking control of your life. You cannot control the weather, the traffic and even what other people say. Therefore, if you cannot control it, let it be. Alternatively, there are things in life you can control. Learning to control your thoughts, your ego, your reactions and most importantly, your attitude is all part of self motivation. Knowing you have gained control of your outlook and approach to daily life, will increase your self motivation.

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