Without Small Business Internet Marketing…you may well too close your company!

"The fortune is in the follow-up," and "The money is within the list," are phrases that will truly be a source of endless earnings for those engaged in small business internet marketing, or fatal earnings leakage for a organization. This is why that without Small Business Internet Marketing...you may well too close your company!

I recently spoke to a business owner about the same topic, and realized that the issue is nevertheless really widespread amongst businesses.

So let me be extremely clear on this:
In case you properly follow-up with customers, you will see a near INSTANTANEOUS increase in annual profits by 25 - 95%!

How significantly of a difference would an improve of 75% in pure income make in your existing business? How can I be so confident about this fact?

Because the numbers speak for themselves:
1) Analysis conducted by Bain & Company found that an improve of 5% in customer retention can increase income by 25% to 95%
2) The same study found that it costs six to seven times more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one.
3) According to Bain & Company, "US companies lose 50% of their buyers every 5 years."
4) "Companies that make customer service a high priority see twelve times the return on sales than those companies with a low emphasis on service." -International Customer Service Association
5) "Two-thirds (or 66%) of clients do not feel valued by those serving them." - Mark Stevens, Author

Can you see how important it is that you FOLLOW-UP with not only "hot leads," but also your existing customer base?

When was the last time you sent a message to your existing consumers to thank them for their enterprise over the years?

When was the last time you asked your buyers what areas of your business THEY felt could be improved or changed?

Just taking the time to do small things to show that you value your buyers will GUARANTEE you not only see increased profits, but will also reduce your need to spend MORE on marketing to REPLACE the clients that have decided to take their cash elsewhere.
The best part is, there is software and programs that will allow you to do all of this AUTOMATICALLY, so that you don't have to spend any time sending out each message one-by-one.

Take your business' earnings to the next level, and create a system for following-up with your past and present customers before it comes back to hurt you. Click the link to take the first steps into small business internet marketing and watch the free videos.

Author of Hire The Internet (http://www.hiretheinternet.com) my talents are to cut through the jargon and complexities and devise and implement an online promotion or launch that will work for you and your business and budget.

Forget the scams, I will help you use the internet to get what really matters - more leads and sales.

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