You Can Find Your Purpose In Life Through Entrepreneurship

We have become a society of followers. Like sheep, we are herded and fed from our master's seconds and leftovers. Few ever realize what they are truly worth because the wealth and empowerment is in the hands of the elite. The scraps that the major corporations feed the masses are just enough to keep them hanging on. We continue to hang with the false sense of security that is engrained on our brains by those in power.

Have you ever thought that we were not meant to live at the mercy of a few who impose their idea of what we are entitled to upon the majority of the citizens? Have you ever longed to truly find your purpose in life and be free of the chains of the meager paycheck that barely stretches to cover expenses? Are you tired and unfulfilled because you struggle just to make ends meet? Do you long for the luxury of time to pursue the discovery of your purpose in life?

This is the challenge to become an entrepreneur.

Through entrepreneurship, you learn to control your own destiny. You give yourself the freedom to explore your purpose in life and to survive and thrive through the fruits of your efforts, not just from the time you give to line someone else's pockets. Your successes and/or failures are something you control. You are not giving all your effort at the expense of loss of control over your destiny. You alone decide when and where you will work and what kind of legacy you choose to leave.

Will you accept the challenge?

Are you ready to accept the challenge, or are you content to remain a follower, lost in the anonymity of the corporate world? What are your excuses? Do you think you are too young, too old, not smart enough, not educated enough, not cut out to go it alone? Whatever your reasons not to try, are they worth living your life without realizing your purpose?

I can guarantee you that all of these obstacles can be overcome. You must believe in yourself and know you can do it.

Did I mention that you can start building your business while still lurking in the ‘security' of your familiar job? You can take baby steps toward your goal of becoming independent, thereby greatly reducing the risks. When you see that you are ready to fly, you can jump off knowing that you will soar with the eagles!

You must make up your mind that you can and will become a successful entrepreneur. Mindset is the most important and most powerful factor in finding your unique purpose in life. You must take consistent and persistent action. You must be grateful for everything you have as you march toward your goals. You must be willing to help others achieve their goals.

Whether you choose the opportunity I did or whether you find another, I encourage you to do your research and discover the freedom that can be yours when you become an entrepreneur. I wish you the very best as you pursue your dreams and discover your unique purpose! In finding your purpose, you will indeed achieve self actualization and be able to give back more than you take from this earth. You will leave your own unique legacy to benefit many future generations!

Mimi Ward is a business coach and mentor who specializes in providing serious entrepreneurs the skills in internet marketing to build a profitable online business with multiple income streams. You can view a top tier partnership at Meet Mimi at to learn more about Retirement Income Opportunities and sign up for a free newsletter packed with tips and suggestions on internet marketing through ebooks and articles.

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