You Can Have a Blog Make Money

Getting your blog content to a level that creates targeted website traffic isn't easy. You have worked long and hard. Now it is time to have your blog make money. Your blog is creative and relevant, so traffic comes consistently. Unfortunately, to have your blog make money doesn't happen with a special potion. You must structure it correctly to have your blog make money and take full advantage of your targeted website traffic.

Numerous means exist to have your blog make money from a good percentage of your targeted visitors. One method is Google's Adsense program. It is easy to set up and simple to install in your blog. However, by itself, it may not be worth the time. The payment to you per click is low, and it may drive real customers away from your real money products. So Adsense is easy, and is good if it's your sole intent to have your blog make money solely from Adsense.

Here are a few tips about how to make Google's Adsense a useful way to have your blog make money. First, don't put the Adsense block at the top of your post, unless you want them to leave immediately and don't care if they read your blog. But if your content is intended to have your blog make money, place the Adsense block at the end of your post. This way, if your targeted website traffic does not use your content to make you money online, then you at least have a chance for a cash payback by them clicking relevant ads from adsense.

Ensure you go use the setting in your Adsense account to make color selections for your ad blocks that fit in with your website template. The colors of the links, text, and borders can all be selected by you. It is important for anything you add to your blog to blend properly. This prevents distraction of your targeted website customer you worked hard to get, thus the chances to have your blog make money from the Adsense.

If you are an affiliate online marketer, then the best way to have your blog make money is to review products and make recommendations to your targeted website traffic. Your readers search eagerly for online recommendations. When you buy a product, use it, then write a review with a positive recommendation if it is a good product. Include your affiliate links, and soon you will have your visitors paying and, like magic, you have a blog making money! Search the closely and you can find WordPress blog plug ins that automatically insert your affiliate links to the product reviews you post.

Choosing the most profitable affiliate programs in your niche will determine the amount of money you blog can earn. However, there are affiliate products for almost every niche in the online marketplace. Just do this; search in your favorite search engine using the niche market name and be sure to include the phrase "affiliate program." This search will quickly locate the right affiliate programs to have your blog make money.

Remember, it is common for affiliate products to offer from 50% to 75% commissions. If it is time to have your blog make money, look through affiliate products closely find those selling for $30 or more. Also find the highest commission payouts. If you are getting 100 targeted website traffic visitors each day, and 2% convert on a $30 product with a 50% commission, this means you make $30 per day, which is $900 per month from a relatively low traffic count! The potential to have your blog make money is incredible. Your income continues to grow as you bring more and more targeted website traffic.

Both Adsense and affiliate sales represent very basic and simple ways to covert your blog to cash. They also are methods of professional internet marketers. Start using them effectively and you too will have your blog make money.

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