Your Motivational Intelligence Is a Core Element of Your Success!

Do you realize that each person on earth has a unique "motivational make-up"? Your motivation is as personal as your fingerprint, as ‘one-of-a-kind' as your life experience, and as unique as your DNA. Knowing how to mobilize your motivation is the secret to peak performance. Using the latest findings in motivation and the brain sciences, you can learn to better understand and use your unique motivational abilities with extraordinary effect. You can do this in enjoyable ways that are both extremely productive and highly rewarding!

Most people have a very poor understanding of motivation and do a less than optimal job of creating and cultivating it to mobilize themselves and their wellspring of talents... Yet, motivation is at the very heart of one's own success and happiness! Most people could be much more effective AND much happier using their natural, yet underdeveloped, Motivational Intelligence– if they only knew how!

Let's look at two vital misunderstandings about Motivation:

Motivation is so often thought of as simply a force that is high or low. People think in terms of "I am really motivated" or "He is just not motivated" but this is really not the full picture. Motivation has a nature and a quality. The nature of motivation comes to light by asking questions like "Is your motivational energy aligned with your values and what is healthy and helpful for you?" Wanting to participate in cardiovascular activities like walking, or playing tennis is likely well aligned with your values about getting in shape or having fun, and thus ‘good quality' motivation. Whereas, if your motivation bends towards things like over eating, or spending to the detriment of your budget for example, or other self-destructive behaviors– than your motivation has characteristics of ‘poor quality motivation'.

A second question that helps to illuminate the quality of your motivation would be "Is your motivation spurred on by positive energies such as the enjoyment of your work and an aspiration to do an excellent job? Or is your motivation primarily energized by the fear that, if you don't do an excellent job, you will be in trouble with your manager, lose credibility, become unemployed? The later motivation may also be rife with resentment that you must do certain things. Motivation fueled by negative emotions leads to burnout and unproductive passive-aggressive behavior. We actually have considerable influence over the nature of our motivation and we can self-observe it as it forms and evolves - if we are properly tuned-in and perceptive. We can also shape our motivational abilities to our greater gain - if we possess the proper skills. Skills that are actually learnable and life impacting! This takes us to the second, broadly held misunderstanding of motivation.

Motivation is a functional capability of our brain – Motivation is actually a multi-dimensional process that is made up of many sub-processes that we naturally perform every hour of every day whether we realize it or not– though we often perform them with modest ability. Self-motivation or the understanding of your "Motivational Intelligence" is a combination of ability, intelligence, and a set of skills – not entirely unlike mathematical ability (Quantitative Intelligence) and mathematical skills (e.g. multiplication, and algebra). Excitingly, Motivational Intelligence can be developed like any other skill with proper practice – just as we develop leadership skills, golfing skills, the ability to play the piano, or to be a good parent. We can learn to be more effective at most things we do, with the right knowledge and practice. Increasing your Motivational Intelligence skills can dramatically affect your life!

It is both possible and highly achievable to attain greater motivation in both your work and your personal life enabling you to earn more money, be a better athlete, a more creative artist, or a even a successful leader - with a system we call "Motivational Mastery". At Motivational IQ the Company, we teach our clients how to build and brilliantly use this internal ability to enhance their professional performances, push beyond their fears, focus on their priorities and better their lives, even helping to improve the lives of those they love, and having greater impact on the world around! Much can be achieved by cultivating extraordinary motivational skills that tap into a deeper understanding of the many factors that truly motivate you, mobilize your talents and strengths, and extend your abilities! With understanding, cultivation and practice a whole new world of previously un-realized motivational opportunities awaits! Find out more about our enjoyable and highly affordable, success building and achievement programs, designed to help you build more of your unique motivational power.

Blair Relf, the leading expert in Motivational Intelligence - using it to dramatically improve performance. Dr. Relf's web site at provides many free tools including interactive assessments that map out your motivational life in color, engaging MP3's that help you increase your achievements, and an enlightening Motivational Intelligence special report. He works closely with people in highly affordable programs using dynamic groups, virtual technologies and innovative approaches to help achieve goals, break through barriers and take lives to an entirely new level. Visit us on the web at for more information.

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