10 Viral Components of Online Marketing Career

Online marketing is truly about finding your niche – and then dominating it.

After you do that, the rest falls into place. And your bottom line will look better

And better. You'll attract customers almost effortlessly to your business – and cost effectively. That sounds good? I thought so. But it's not as simple as it sounds. Most people struggle for years; trying to figure out how to get the results they need through their online marketing career.

They get overwhelmed in the details. They keep trying one thing after another,

Not really understanding what they are doing. And definitely not understanding why they are not achieving results.

To be candid with you, it does take time – significant time – to learn what you need to know about online marketing business. But you don't have to spend months or years trying to Figure it all out. Instead, learn from my experience and save yourself the pain of doing it alone.

Before you try yet another online marketing career strategy, read the following 10 viral components of online marketing to help you determine what you need to be doing to achieve the results you want in your business.

1. Understand Who You Are and What You Want

If you have a clear understanding of whom you are and what you are, then you are set to be successful in your marketing career.

The reason is simple. If you don't know who you are, neither do your customers.

And if they don't understand what you're selling, you won't sell it because people don't buy what you're selling but they buy why you're selling it. Simple

As that.

So ask yourself—what is my mission in life? Why do I do what I do?

And most importantly—how do I provide value?

That's probably the most important one, right there.

Also, it's important to understand what you want to accomplish with your

Business. If you don't know what or where the target is, you won't hit it. I can

Guarantee that.

So get clear on your passion and target. Decide on your goals, and write them down guide you.

2. Know what you're selling

Amazingly, a large number of people dive into business without really

Understanding what their business is. Especially today in industries

Where it's easy to get started, and easier to fail. This of course is a huge mistake.

If you can't tell me what you're selling—and why I should buy it—in less Than 1 minute, guess what? You've lost me. I'm not buying.

Now, you don't need to convince me to buy in that short time. But you do

Need to grab my attention. And my interest.

Practice this. And until you can do it, don't do anything else.

3. Know How to Sell It

Even if have the greatest product or service in the world, unless

You're able to convince your customers of that, they will not buy.

Talk to your customers about value. Talk about features and benefits. But most

Importantly, talk about how your offer will solve the problems of your customers.

In the end, that's all they really care about, anyway.

From a buyer's perspective, it's all about me. (People always consider

Themselves first. Always.) Also, people like to buy. They don't like to be sold.

So if you can clearly and effectively give them good reasons to buy from

You, they will without hesitation.

4. Know who you're selling to

You need to know who your customers are—more correctly, your

Prospective customers—in order to sell to them.

In fact, the more you know, the more you'll sell.

Basic data is important. Things like age, income, education, family status—

The list goes on—is all important. It really helps you to focus your efforts.

More importantly, you need to understand what motivates them. Why

Would they buy what you have to offer?

What problems do they have? And more importantly, can your offer solve

Those problems?

Simply put, this is marketing 101. The more you know about who you're selling to, the Easier it will be to sell what you're selling.

5. Understand How They Perceive You

All businesses- regardless of their sizes-has a brand. It's your reputation. It's

What people think about you? And it has a great impact on whether they're buying your offer from you. Or not buying.

A lot of entrepreneurs are headstrong. They say they don't care what

People think about them. In life, maybe that's a good thing.

But in business, it's definitely not. In business, people tell you how they

Feel about you with money. It's indeed the ultimate test.

And it's not about whether they like you or not. This isn't popularity

Contest to be associated with. Rather, it's about whether they trust you. Whether they believe you can solve their Problems—or can't. By the way, if your market doesn't think too highly of you, that's a problem that needs to be fixed. Right away.

6. Make Yourself Different

Sometimes in life people don't like to stand out from the crowd. That's OK.

They find it safer to just blend in. But it's not OK in business.

In business, you need to stand out. To be recognized. To rise above the

Crowd and get noticed. You need to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

How are you better, faster, cheaper? How are you unique? How can you do?

Something that nobody else can do?

And don't only be different. Tell people about it. Let everyone know how

Different you really are. Let everyone know that you're truly the best.

7. Tell the World about Yourself

In business, blatant and persistent self-promotion is very good. Especially if you work for yourself. This is what marketing is all about. It's all about promoting your Business—and yourself. If people don't know about you, they can't buy from you. There's nothing complex here.

Conversely, the more people that know about you, the more you will sell.

Said another way, the more effective you are at telling the world about

Yourself, the more people you will attract to your business. More people means more money.

Oh, and by the way, if you're not comfortable doing this, you might want to

Go out and get a job. Because you probably won't make too much money

Working for you. In other words, if you want to remain in business, promoting yourself is key.

8. Use Every Tool at Your Disposal

There are many ways to promote yourself and your business.

Especially today, on the Internet. The more you master the use of these tools, the better it will become of at your business.

The concepts of these basic tools are generally simple. But

Mastering them—and then actually using them—isn't quite as simple.

So know your strengths—and your weaknesses and dwell on the preferred.

Leverage those strengths, and hire pros to help with the weaknesses.

Online Marketing business has never been easier. It's something you need to do.

9. Refuse to Quit the Game

Let's face it: sometimes life can be difficult. Problems come up, and we

Have to deal with them. Even if things are generally going along smoothly,

We all have our days.

In business, it can be even worse.

With a million things to do everyday, something is bound to go wrong.

It can, and it will.

But don't let it bother you. Focus on your WHY. Remember what you want

To accomplish.

And continue moving forward. Don't give up. I personally believe that a good mindset—a proper, positive, powerful mindset—is the most important aspect of a successful business. And here's the thing. The most positive mindset in the world is not a guarantee of success. But if your mindset sucks, it's definitely a guarantee

Of failure. Create a positive focus in your mind and in your life, and your chances of Success increase exponentially.

10. Refuse to Remain Where Your Are

Success in business isn't about planning alone. It's not about talking a good

Plan. It's not about sitting around, hoping for the best, but expecting the

Worst. It's about taking action. Hey, that is the Key.

If you want to be successful, only you can make it happen.

And I'm here to tell you, it's not easy. But I'm also here to tell you that it can be done. I'm just an ordinary guy. I've had some breaks. And I've hit some

Roadblocks. But I've always worked my ass off. I consistently take action.

And it pays off. In fact, consistently taking massive action is undoubtedly

The key to my success. And it can be the key to yours, too.

If you want to become successful, your journey starts today.

Take action now...

I am a professional internet marketer and entrepreneur. I live in the garden city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria with my wife and kids. I am English university degree educated, to Masters level. I assist entrepreneurs to make multiple six figure income working from home.

Check out my website Now at http://newmanofsuccess.com/?site=Fire?t=articlebase to mastermind with successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

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