Art Entrepreneurship: Showing you Care

What status is art at this time? Is it being held in high regard throughout the country? Is it as important as it should be? Art entrepreneurship is a lucrative business proposition for the artist and the business person. But, where do you take it? Where can it go? The wave of the future is in art workshop centers and you can take it virtually anywhere.

When times get tough throughout the world, people are in distress over wars, hurricanes, destruction and chaos. What do they turn to for their relief? Art is always the answer. Whether an artist composes a song, writes a book or paints a painting, artistic expression is the balm that soothes all ailments. As an entrepreneur, you can care and you can show that you care. An art workshop center is exactly what your community needs.

The art workshop itself is a great way to get people together. They can have a place to express themselves and their concerns. If you have never thought of art as therapeutic, you have missed the point. Art can be an escape from the world around us. It can be the medium by which we resolve issues. It can be the rest and relaxation we need in our otherwise stressful lives. And people have a chance to connect to other people on the same page at an art workshop.

The art workshop center is the place they can go. Of course, they can do their art at home and most likely will. But, they also have a place where they can come and have a cup of coffee, look around at what others are doing and get some inspiration. Inspiration sparks hope in hard times and your art workshop center should be full of inspiration. Your art work, your artist’s artwork, your students’ artworks and artwork of great artists throughout history all should adorn the walls as a way of helping artists to focus, get inspired and launch into their own self-exploration.

This is your pitch. It may sound harsh. But, it’s true. We’ve already explored pitching art to parents because schools are failing them miserably. “The Great Art Pitch: Educate the Parents on the Benefits of Art” discussed giving parents the solution to the failing situation of the schools. But, as well know you don’t have to pitch your art workshop center just one way.

You can also put out the idea that your art workshop is better than therapy. It is better than anti-depressants. Activity keeps people hopeful. Give someone something to do that is both creative and fun. You have just made their life much better in so many ways you can’t even imagine them all.

Get your art out into the community and you will not only gain exposure for art, you will gain exposure for your art workshop center. Auctions are a great way to get people together to bid on the artwork that your students have produced. Imagine telling your students that they may make some money from their art. Now, go back to the chalkboard and figure out how many more students you will soon have.

While auctions gain exposure, open houses will as well. Having an art display at your workshop center should be an ongoing project that you maintain as well as promote from time to time. Bring people in to see the art and let them experience how therapeutic it was for your students as they deal with the many issues facing our world, our nation, our community and even ourselves.

The pitch can go on and on and your art workshop can be worked into just about any situation you have the imagination to explore. Art is the answer for many people. Art can be the answer for everyone. You are the entrepreneur and you have to bring people to understand this concept. It’s not enough to say you have an art workshop center. You have to make it come alive!

An internationally known artist as well as a mother of six, Rivky Shimon founded Rivkys Art Workshop in New York. Rivkys step-by-step method for teaching children how to create and enjoy art has earned high praise from students, teachers and parents alike. Through her new training series, Rivky plans to teach artists from across the country how to duplicate her success. Not only to ensure that art education remains a vital part of every child’s life, but also to enforce the reality that "The Rivky Method" tm works the same magic for adults as well.

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