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Google adsense is now a days consider the best programme to earn money from internet by sitting at home or office this is very simple and convinient method for a user to earn money from relevent contextual ads. For the purpose of earning money from google adsense a user simply create a web site or a blog for a blog user there is no necessary to have the knowledge of HTML and web development knowledge it is very simple to create and manage the layout. After preparation of Blogger he have to send a request to the google for participating in google adsense programme after 3 to 4 days (some times upto a week) he receive a confirmation email from google adsense control center after this approval he got the codes content ads or image ads from his adsense approved request.

Google Adsense
1- The publisher must follow the terms and conditions of adsense programme provided by Google.
2- Clicking on its on Site is stickly prohibited by the adsense terms.
3- Ads placement is very essential thing put the ads on that place where they easily click by the user.
4- Colors of Adsense ads must be same with the web page background because it shows the orignality of content.
5- Improve the site with the original methods not by illegal ways of promotion.
6- Use only White hat SEO aware from Black hat SEO.

Internet Business is become one of the most powerful business which can convert a poor man into a rich man in a night the world most rich people are concerned with the internet business e.g Google, Yahoo etc these companies earn a lot from there internet business from a survey it will be calculated that Currently google have 147 billion $ assets within 10 years it is the big big example of a internet business.

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